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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When public money is taken for a spin.

Malaysiakini has the latest juice on the eurocopter deals. The whole deal was brought into the public light when letters, complaining about the purchase of the helicopters appeared on Malaysia-Today.

The purchase of the helicopters have been shelved and the money to be allocated to more public interest projects, thus says Pak Lah in his capacity as Defense Minister. It must be noted that the whole affair was initiated by the former Defense Minister, Najib Razak, and if followed through would have made some people really rich. Instead, only after public outcry, has the whole project been shelved.

The main question is, "Why pay double for the helicopters?" Of course the government's reply was that the helicopters cost more because of customization works but that answer still cannot satisfy the public.

As a tax payer, I really want to know (besides paying double for it), why the tender board should choose an expensive product when there was a cheaper quoted helicopter on the list? This act alone goes against the general order for purchasing, which is set out by the government itself. So the government is actually side-stepping its own requirements for purchasing by selecting an expensive product over one that is the cheapest.

So rather than explain themselves, the government shelved the project and the money (public money) would be use elsewhere. Smart. In the end we never will get the answers to our questions.

It's high time the government showed they are more responsible towards the people. Their dealings should be more transparent and the public should be in the know with what the government is planning to do with their money. It is the role of our elected Member of Parliament to scrutunize every project that involves the rakyat's money. Yet we do not see this.


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