Friday, June 10, 2011

Umno's Plan B for Malaysia

By the time Prime Minister Najib Razak announced his newly tweaked National Economic Model, Malaysia had experienced net capital out flows in the excess of US$27 billion from mid-2008 to mid-2009. Foreign Direct Investment had slowed to a trickle, US$15 billion of portfolio investment departed in 2009 and was slow to return.

This means that, despite the hype, Najib’s plan to revitalize the Malaysian economy was already too little and too late. And the greatest obstacle to economic reform and change was UMNO itself.

US Embassy communicates made available via WikiLeaks pointed to the various initiatives Najib had planned and was working on. At the core of these initiatives was a need to reform the whole economic model Malaysia had been relying on. In layman terms, this meant dismantling the NEP, a brainchild of former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

The turn of events ruffled feathers within UMNO itself, especially amongst the ruling elite, as these power barons depended on the various economic packages in the NEP to line their nests.

Full Article: The Malaysia Chronicle.

What does UMNO have to live for?


Why a non-Muslim would prefer PAS to Umno

Since the late 1980s, PAS has been painted by the government of the day as being the worst thing to walk the planet. That non-Muslims in Malaysia will suffer the wrath of hell, if PAS ever forms the government. And this fear was played to great effect, with the majority of the non-Muslim votes going Barisan Nasional’s way.

For most Sarawakians and Sabahans, PAS was the epitome of evil in Malaysia. A phantom whose only agenda was to deprive the non-Muslims of their right to practise their faith of choice.

This was the religious propaganda fed by Barisan Nasional to the masses, but of late, the 'spin' has boomeranged back into its own face.

Adapting to the times

As PAS moves forward, adapting itself to meet a progressively changing world, UMNO is stuck in a rut of its own making and has now been reduced to being the spectator-stand critic.

So what if PAS decides to have a change in management? At least, PAS is not afraid to take on the risk of changing or to try and take on new ideas. It certainly seems more secure about its supporter base than UMNO.

Full Article: The Malaysia Chronicle.

Seems like the tables have turned on UMNO.


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