Thursday, July 31, 2008

Political Drama - Anwar to stand in Permatang Pauh.

A day after the Home Minister issue a statement asking the police to speed up their investigations, we hear today that the police have already concluded their investigation into the sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim. Such timing as Anwar Ibrahim has just announced his intention to stand for the Permatang Pauh by-election, which his wife has vacant for him.

Talk about timing. The BN government is moving fast to stop the juggernaut from moving forward with his plans to topple the government by September 16. Would Anwar Ibrahim even make it to the by-elections? Bear in mind the BN government would move everything in its arsenal against Anwar Ibrahim including the so called independent Election Commission.

The highly efficient police will take the first shot at him. They have submitted their investigation report to the AG Department and it is up to the AG department to see how to persecute. We all can fore-tell what it would be like. Anwar Ibrahim would be charge and blocked from standing for the by-election. Worst still, I hear ISA in the air. Why not? They can easily deem Anwar Ibrahim a threat to the nation and detain him under ISA. Keep him under wraps long enough until after the by-elections. They just need to play with time here.

So Anwar Ibrahim has pushed the BN government into a sort of frenzy. They need to block him without having to anger the rakyat but then we all expect them to pull a fast one and still keep us angry. Heck, the rakyat is already angry so what's wrong with more anger. I've got this snaky feeling, the BN government would not have any qualms in doing as they please. They don't care less, as long as they stay in power. The BN government just wants to stay in power even at the cost of angering the people.

Anwar Ibrahim has much to go against but in it will endear him to the rakyat. A lone man going against a stuttering government. We need heroes and I guess Anwar Ibrahim is turning into a folk hero.

Situations are getting similar to the Philippines when people power toppled the Marcus government. Could it happen here? Well, in Malaysia anything goes...Malaysia Boleh!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RPK challenged by Saiful's uncle/auntie?! Drama...

The leaked medical reports prove (beyond a doubt) that there is a conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim.

10 years back people would have been at odds with the idea that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent but in 2008, things are different. The general public believe that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent and this is all a political ploy to stop him from being the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a desperate ploy involving the very people we entrust to up-hold law and order. Striking a death blow to the Abdullah Badawi's administration. An administration which secretly have been tugging at the ropes of the Police force and the Judiciary all this while. Using these bodies form their own devices.

But times have caught up with them and they will have to pay the price in the courts of public opinion. The Police would have to own up and admit there is no case against Anwar Ibrahim. Those behind the plot must be brought to justice but as of now I believe none of them will be caught. They will deny and hide behind the administration of the day. Politicians in the ruling government seem to be immune to the law but I believe their days are numbered. When (not if) Anwar Ibrahim comes into power, all this will change and this is why in the months leading up to September 16, we will see drama unfold like never before.

Another drama, unfolding before our eyes is the challenge by Saiful's uncle/auntie to RPK. It's comical but then strange things have happened before. As reported by Malaysiakini, Uncle Pet (what's his real name?) has "asked" to meet up with RPK:

A close relative of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan echoed police sentiments today, rubbishing claims that his nephew had not been sodomised.

Source: Malaysiakini

I have to admit, Uncle Pet is very tech savvy; he's got the whole challenge on video which is available online. So while we all try to ascertain whether Uncle Pet is an uncle or should we called him/her Aunty Pet instead, I can imagine RPK laughing his head off at home. It's all drama, a true blue Malaysian drama to the max.

Yesterday, we had the Home Minister telling the police to speed up investigations. The Home Minister should keep his mouth shut because any statements from the establishment to the police would merely be seen as interference. Commenting on an ongoing investigation, especially by the government, should be seen as "abuse of power" and worthy of investigation by the ACA.

So clearly, the revelation brought about by the medical reports have started a new chapter in this on-going saga to bring down Anwar Ibrahim. Lets bring out the pop corn and see what else is in store.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rotten Malaysian Police

How rotten can you get? I guess in Malaysia, you can reek of dead road kill and still smell like roses.

The report of a doctor ruling out that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan had been sodomised is an attempt to sabotage police investigations, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar.

Source: Malaysiakini.

The police are in the spotlight again and what is the first thing they want to do? Cover their tracks by investigating how the medical reports got out in the first place. It will be another tussle with RPK since he was the one who first release the medical reports that showed Saiful had not signs of having been sodomised by anyone or anything.

The Malaysian police are really good at chasing the messengers and not investigating the message. They are quick to use the lame "still under investigation" threat against any form of investigative reporting. Bare in mind, such release of information should be aiding the investigation unless the police already knew that Saiful's claims were false. Then Saiful should be brought to justice for making a false report and all those involve in the sordid case brought along for the ride too.

It would be interesting to see, who would make a police report against RPK for spreading false information or for having medical records, since medical records are deemed private documents. How swift would the police act against the news portals or owners of the news portals for spreading information which could affect police investigations? Again, the police would be "chasing the dragon" rather than focusing their efforts on the real matter at hand - the claim of sodomy by Saiful.

If there is no crime than the police should say so. For the moment, any statement by the police is met with in-difference as the people do not trust them anymore. Their high-handed tactics and bias tendencies have left an impression with the people.

The police's inability to tackle the real crimes on the street has frustrated the people and caused us to wonder, who would protect us when the protectors themselves are the instigators of crimes?


Monday, July 28, 2008

No sodomy, Najib and Saiful lied | MalaysiaKini

The alternative news front is abuzz with the revelation by RPK which states the now-famous Saiful was never sodomized. The doctor who examined him hours before he made his police report concurred that the guy's butt was clean.

There is no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was sodomised, according to the doctor who examined him four hours before he lodged a police report alleging he was sexually assaulted by PKRleader Anwar Ibrahim.

Source: Malaysiakini

So, this makes him a liar and whoever is in cohorts with him or whoever encouraged him also a liar. Again, Najib Razak is suspect because he was the only other person we know who met Saiful before he made the police report. Again, Najib Razak is involve in controversy of his own making. Najib would need to explain himself even more now.

Maybe the whole affair was not to get Anwar in the first place. Maybe it was meant to get Najib. Anwar was a perfect excuse to create some measure of publicity. The police were mere pawns, arbiters to a sinister plot. Anwar can now blow this kettle of lies into pieces and point the fact, it was Najib behind the whole set-up. Thus, elevating himself as the only proper candidate to lead Malaysia.

The writing is on the wall and it would be really interesting how Najib is going to weave himself out of this mess he has walked into.


On UMNO and PAS - Jilted lovers meeting again - MalaysiaKini

Strange times call for strange measures and much can be said of talks between UMNO and PAS. I can understand Karpal Singh's reservations on the matter when he voice our his thoughts in Malaysiakini.

"Selepas pilihanraya umum pada 8 Mac lalu, PAS telah mengadakan perbincangan dengan Umno untuk menubuhkan kerajaan campuran di Selangor," katanya yang menyifatkan tindakan itu berniat jahat kerana DAP dan PKR tidak dimaklumkan mengenainya.

Source: Malaysiakini

It has not been the first time that these two (2) political adversaries have met and attempted at a marriage of convenience. UMNO and PAS seem to thrive well in this love and hate situation where they now are entertaining thoughts of a nuptial to tie all Malays under a single political entity. But would it work?

I don't think so and I have to agree with Karpal Singh on his assessment of the situation. It is a direct treat towards DAP and PKR because the resounding victory in the last general election was not just a PAS victory but a shared victory with DAP and PKR delivering the goods too. PAS seems to be acting like a pompous brat because they know they have something the UMNO wants and craves - more Malay votes.

Isn't it what UMNO wants? UMNO wants to be supreme leader over all Malays in the country and UMNO is willing to pull any stunts just to gain that edge over the Malays, even to the extent of sleeping with the enemy. PAS tends to lose big time if they are thinking of aligning with UMNO.

It would seem right that DAP and PKR distance themselves from PAS as they inch themselves towards UMNO. The people would not be happy with PAS for this silly move. Angering the people is not the best thing to do, especially in these times when anything UMNO is deemed questionable. It's amazing that PAS may not see this latest need to talk by UMNO is merely a political ploy to strengthen UMNO's hold on the Malay vote and thus, assure that they remain in power. PAS should stand on its own as an alternative to UMNO and show it is friendly to all - Malays and Non-Malays.

So PAS, stay away from UMNO because the result would only be bad. Don't you think so?


Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bangsa Malaysia beyond politics | Malaysiakini

Malaysia is multiracial, we all know that and I believe it is a norm for ordinary Malaysian citizens to sit together over coffee and talk about the weather. Take a trip into the rural areas and you will see what I mean. There is no distinction of race or religion, instead there is just the notion of everyone is a neighbor.

Go into the interior of Sarawak and you will find Chinese men speaking in Iban, I've even met Malays talking Iban and mingling freely among the longhouse folks. I've got Chinese relatives who are the nicest people in the world, Malay relatives who enjoy a good chat and Indian friends who just want to have a good time. We all have no issues when it comes to spending time together or just living together.

The picture of Bangsa Malaysia is true to form in the rural areas of Malaysia. I've spent time living in Perlis and I see this too. There is no issues involve when people of different race and religion want to live together. Malaysians, by nature, are peaceable and simple people. I've spent time with Malaysian Thais living in Kedah, who identify themselves as Malaysians rather than Thai. Some of these foreigners are more Malaysian than Malaysians themselves.

Bangsa Malaysia is alive and well.

Simple folks living life beyond the complexity of systems and ideology.

Yet it is politics that stain all this. Politics is like a virus which infiltrates the simplicity of life and creates tension. UMNO and PAS splits the Malay community along racial and religious lines. MCA and DAP seem to champion the ideas of an independent Chinese oppose to anything of a certain religion. MIC has done little in championing the Indian community. Politics stain the obvious, complicates the natural and creates conflict.

Politics create quotas in all levels of society from education to employment. We hear political parties championing "rights" of their respective communities but who is championing the Rights of Malaysians?

Politicians have politicize every aspect of everyday life in Malaysia. From the language used on road-signs, the type of cars to buy, varsity placements, freedom of speech, police arrests - the list goes on. Look at all the events and systems in Malaysia and you will find the stain of politics in all of them. Yes, politics is a virus which has latched itself into the very fabric of life in Malaysia and it is not doing us any good.

It can be said that politics is a bad taste in the mouth of Malaysians at a time when politicians are only seen as looking out for themselves. This is the stigma that would not disappear so soon. I believe only after this current crop of "career politicians" are gone would we truly see a Bangsa Malaysia rise. It would be the time when citizens are elected out of merit rather than by their political connections.

Until that time, it would be best that every mention of race or creed be kept to a minimum. National policies with racial undertones must slowly be dismantled so Malaysians can compete as Malaysians and not as members of a racial unit. Unity as Malaysians must be promoted while the beauty of diversity must be celebrated. This is the key to being unified under one flag, to know that we are all unique and different yet no-one is below the other. Everyone is equally a Malaysian living in Malaysia. Religion is personal and non intrusive. We respect our neighbor and love our differences and strive to see our nation become great.

Politics do not make Malaysia, instead it is the people who make Malaysia what she is. It is Malaysians who form the building blocks of Malaysia. We do not owe any political party any debts for the success of Malaysia but we do owe ordinary Malaysians a debt for being true to country and country men.

This is Bangsa Malaysia beyond politics.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Going bananas over cars - Malaysiakini

Shakespeare would be amazed at the level of drama the Malaysian government is capable of performing. You can imagine the snickers coming out of some foreign embassy.

“So Bob, what’s the latest thing happening in Malaysia?” The voice over the phone crackled. The line was bad but it was a long-distance call using underwater cables for their satellite was not in range for a secure call.

“Is the line secure?”

“Can’t guarantee it, talk gibberish if you have to,” the reply came, referring to the Code they used when talking over unsecured telecommunication lines.


“Affirmative. Speak easy.”

“OK. They are now squabbling over the type of cars for use by government officers.”

“Come again. I didn’t get that last bit of gibberish.”

“It’s not gibberish. It’s the actual text.”


“No, I’m not kidding,” he could hear the long pause. His superior was deep in thought, accessing the situation and outlining their next course of action.

“Goodness. We have the Russians talking about refueling their bombers in Cuba, a bombing incident in China; days before the Olympic games, a hurricane baring down in the Caribbean and a standoff in the Middle East and in Malaysia they are squabbling over cars?"

“You heard me. There is even a police report over the high maintenance cost and I heard the Anti Corruption Agency is getting involve, plus it was even talked about in Cabinet. Now, its spilled over and has become an issue of national pride and buying Malaysian made products.”

There was a chuckle from the other end of the line and Bob knew what came next.

“Well, just keep us posted. Nothing to worry about there. As long as they squabble among themselves, there is no threat to anyone.”

“Wilco,” Bob answered and the line went dead but not before he heard laughter crackling over the unsecured telephone line in his office overlooking the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

(The above story is fictional and a blast of my imagination. I DO NOT have connections with any foreign powers.)

Get my drift?

I am amaze how this matter has clearly been blown out of proportion. Police reports, ACA and even the workshop director getting their day in the news. What does this hope to accomplish but only to prove how in-efficient the Abdullah Badawi’s has been all this while. If the maintenance costs were that high in the first place, why did no-one notice? They had four (4) years to raise the issue of high maintenance costs and would have sufficient time to take measures to lower the cost of maintenance.

Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) telah mengambil keterangan daripada empat pemandu exco kerajaan negeri Terengganu berhubung kos penyenggaraan Proton Perdana V6 Executive yang terlalu tinggi.

Enam pegawai BPR berkenaan telah datang ke Wisma Darul Iman, pusat pentadbiran kerajaan Terengganu, sejak petang semalam dan pagi tadi bagi mengambil dokumen-dokumen berkaitan untuk diteliti.

Source: Malaysiakini

But having said that, Proton should be taken to task for producing cars that are sub-standard. The Treasury directive that all government officials use the national car is merely a soft-form of bail-out to keep Proton afloat. We must give credit to the Terengganu MB for making a bold choice to switch away from Proton. I believe there is truth to what the MB is saying.

The initial purchase price for the Mercedes cars would be higher than for the Proton Perdana but in the long run, the Mercedes would be cheaper to maintain because Mercedes do not break down as often as the Proton Perdana and surely you do not have to replace the Mercedes gear-box on a regular basis as what was reported about the Proton Perdana.

Anyway, why is this whole matter concerning cars news when it only highlights the cracks in the current BN government? Does such a silly thing need the attention of the Prime Minister when the Treasury office can merely enforce their own general order?

This is the state of the Malaysian government where even such decisions need to be referred to the highest office and right now, that highest office is standing weak. Flip-flop decisions, vague public statements, inability to control subordinates, disconnection from the general populace and near-sightedness are all hallmarks of a weak leader.

Shakespeare would have commented, in this drama the real issue is not the cars. The issue is what would the leaders do? The twist of the tale is to see who has the greatest resolve to push their agenda through and I think the Terengganu MB is getting his way.

I heard, Selangor would follow suit but they are thinking of choosing Toyota rather than Mercedes. So, Abdullah Badawi what are you going to say now?


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who is the next Prime Minister? | Malaysiakini

A transition of power from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak means nothing.

In fact it may just compound the issues plaguing the government at this time. This shift from Prime Minister to Deputy Prime Minister has no effect on policies or governance. It’s just a changing of the guard. The issues will remain and things will be left as they were from the onset.

Najib stands to inherit the same problematic government that Abdullah Badawi created. If there were no change in management styles when Najib is DPM then would there be any change when he is PM? I doubt it. The government is still made up of the same political players from Tun Mahathir’s era, maybe there are some new faces but the mangement style is still the same.

So it makes no difference if Najib or Abdullah Badawi is in office. The people will still be angry, corruption would still be rising, Malaysia would still be heading for an economic headache and let’s not forget the political shenanigans going around. Malaysia would still be caught up in the same old rut. No change.

What is needed is for a total change in top leadership. We need someone who is not afraid to go against old taboos. We need someone who would talk less, listen more and move as he pleases. We need someone who is far-sighted and not merely acting on impulsive-reactive-energy.

Do we have such a person in the current cabinet lineup?

Whoever it is must not come from the UMNO bastion. They’ve had their chance yet screwed it big time. I have great admiration for Tun Mahathir, though I hated some of his policies and methods, he still moved this country forward. Yet after he stepped down and passed the baton to his deputy, things just went down-hill. Obviously, the baton holder was not competent to follow in the foot-steps of Tun Mahathir. In fact no-one in the current parliament can.

No need to follow just imitate would also suffice but even that is found wanting. Instead, we find people merely paying lip service to those in the higher rung of things. No-one dare challenge the establishment outside of the opposition. No-one even dared voice strong statements against the whole idea of a two-year dead-line for passing on the baton. Except maybe from those who have vested interest in becoming the next Prime Minister.

It would be interesting, come September 16th to see if the transition from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak would happen or not. It would be really interesting to see if UMNO could accept the fact, it has a strong chance of being called the Opposition in a government ruled by Pakatan Rakyat. It would be an interesting scene and one I personally relish. I would love to see what the leader of UMNO would do in order to win back the government it has held for the pass 50 years. But who would be the champion to bring UMNO back into the lime-light? Abdullah Badawi or Najib Razak?

Back to the point of this post.

This transition of power means nothing. It doesn’t change anything. In fact I think it would worsen the situation in Malaysia. If (that’s a big IF) Najib becomes Prime Minister, he may prove to be a weak PM as evident with the way he handled his suspect involvement in the Altantuya case and also involvement with Saiful (Anwar accuser).

If Najib has nothing to hide than why not allow himself to be investigated and have the courts prove him innocent? He should have done this early on. Now, with the whole transition thing in place, Najib is hard-press to prove himself worthy to assume the premiership. So he has to work doubly hard at keeping his distractors at bay. Tough luck, when you have a lot of skeletons to hide.

Najib maybe just a scapegoat for Abdullah to hang. A fall-guy for the real person whom Abdullah may want to see as the next Prime Minister. Najib will become the PM and the people would revolt, Abdullah would admit it was a mistake, take over and than announce another person whom he deemed suitable for the post of PM. A certain someone whose ambition is to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia…

Thus, the passing on of the baton from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak means nothing but merely as an exercise in passing the buck to the lame duck, who is gullible enough to take more blame and pave the way for the real puppet master, lurking in the background of all this. No harm in guessing but I think you guys know who that person is.


When a DEMOCRACY acts like a MONARCHY | Malaysiakini

Malaysia’s government is decided through a democratic process and we are all aware of this. Every 5 years we all line up and put a mark on a ballot paper to elect Members of Parliament who would (or are suppose) to be our voice to the highest seat of government - the Prime Minister.

We have political parties who each have an agenda that we all can choose to agree or disagree with and align ourselves with. These political entities constitute a collective opinion over a given issue and represent a larger body of voters. Sometimes in order to have a bigger influence on the government, political parties form partnerships. Partnerships are then used to push agendas and policies through a majority vote in Parliament which is then announced by the Prime Minister.

All these things are consequences of a citizens choice on a piece of paper called a Ballot. So by right the person with the greatest power is not the Elected Member of Government but rather the one holding the that Ballot paper.

Malaysia has, according to a report by The Sun dated 28 February 2008 - (as of Dec 2006) 15.2 million Malaysians above the age of 21 but only 10.3 million are registered as voters. Of course this takes into account dead voters, postal voters and (the in-famous) phantom voters.

10.3 million voters has the right to decide the government of the day yet because of these 10.3 million, 26 million Malaysians are not have headaches and stress related ailments. But rest assured, come the 13th General Election; the 10.3 million voters (dead and all) would have wised up and replace this current BN government.

But that is not what I want to blog about. Instead, I want to talk about the way this current BN government is acting under the leadership of Abdullah Badawi.

10.3 million voters put this person into office as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and he totally forgets about them and starts acting like he is lord and all.

A DEMOCRATIC elected government cannot act like a MONARCHY. If it did then we would not have a Prime Minister as the highest post. We would have a Caesar.

The one time a democracy acted like a monarchy was during the time of the Romans. The Caesar’s were emperors of the Roman empire yet the council were elected and they inherited the idea of Democracy from the Greeks. There was a Senate of Senators (much like America) who went through a process of election but all was ruled by Caesar.

Now, the role of Caesar was not elected but rather passed on through the family. So it acted like a monarchy. A king who passed the throne down to the first son.

Sounds eerily familiar?

Our government is elected but our MPs are ruled over by a PM who seems to think he can control or comment over everything under the sun. Our elected MPs dare not speak up for fear of this PM and his party, who seems to have the bigger say over everything in Malaysia. Thus, the PM is thinking and acting like a monarch. Even passing down an ELECTED post to a successor.

The role of Prime Minister is an elected post. The Prime Minister’s post goes to UMNO, by virtue of the fact that UMNO is the biggest political party in Barisan Nasional (4 million members) so the elected leader of UMNO assumes the role of Prime Minister.

So, if UMNO loses its grip on government and Pakatan Rakyat takes over than the head of Keadilan (as head of the opposition) would become Prime Minister. Something to look forward to and it may not have to be Anwar Ibrahim eventhough he is trying to get back into parliament.

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has alluded that the election petition for the Kedah parliamentary seat of Kulim-Bandar Baharu, which is scheduled to be heard on Aug 19, could pave the way for his return to Parliament.

Source: Malaysiakini

Back to our story. So the Prime Minister’s post is elected yet he acts like a monarch. Naming a successor and even a succession plan that goes against the whole election process. By right Najib Razak has to be elected as the head of UMNO thus he may have the chance to assume the role of Prime Minister. Bare in mind, being head of UMNO does not automatically mean you become Prime Minister of Malaysia. There is no guarantee of this anyway, it is merely by virtue and consent of the other political parties in Barisan Nasional.

There is no direct passing of the baton, unless you analyze how Tun Mahathir did it. He retired and allowed his deputy, Abdullah Badawi, to assume the role and than get a majority vote from the populace to receive the role of Prime Minister.

The current turmoil in Malaysia is all down to the fact that the current DEMOCRATIC government is acting like a MONARCHY. They have forgotten the people who voted them into office. They make decisions without consulting the people nor taking into account our opinions and views as citizens of Malaysia.

The BN government and all its apparatus (police and courts of law) are mistreating the people and not serving the people. Petty squabbles that contribute nothing towards the welfare of the people are in the headlines of state run media.

For example, the Terengganu Mercedes/Proton debacle. Who cares about what car they drive to work in? I wonder how they can have the nerve to drive to work in a car bought with tax-payers money while the majority of the populace cannot even afford to buy fuel.

The BN government or any would be government ambitious political party must bear in mind, they were democratically elected and thus, what we can give them, we can also take back.

Stop acting like a MONARCHY and start working as elected representatives of the people. If the BN government cannot work in this mode than it is better for Malaysia to emulate the governmental system employed by the Romans and call our Prime Minister; Caesar.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Malaysians DO NOT own Malaysia, UMNO does | Malaysiakini

Sit back and think. Do you truly own Malaysia?

All along we were made to believe that Malaysia was owned by Malaysians who transcend racial and religious divides. We are “Truly Asia” as the slogan goes but it is farthest from the truth. We are NOT “Truly Asia”. Why?

We squabble over road-signs in Chinese, we squabble over “racial rights”, set quotas for university acceptance base on racial lines, politicizing issues is everything and we are fed only what makes the government look good. Malaysia is not own by Malaysians instead we are own by UMNO.

Let’s face it, can we really make a change in Malaysia without ruffling the feathers of UMNO? A political party that boast close to 4 million members can demand anything and everything. And I don’t blame them because the silent minority have been just that…silent.
We have allowed UMNO to have their way, do their thing, run the show and play their game.

The whole debacle in Malaysia these passed few months have involved UMNO and their opponents. We are all caught in a turf war where the clear losers are the people of Malaysia. What do we get out of the in-fighting and out-fighting that UMNO has drawn us into?

Where is Malaysia today? Still running around in a circle, trying to catch it’s own tail. The Abdullah administration has failed to win back the confidence of the people. Turning to old tactics and using under-handed methods to destroy their enemies has not gone down well with the people. In fact, we want to see a government which is fair, condescending, malevolent and rational. Instead, we have a play-ground bully unwilling to share his lollipop.

The turmoil Malaysia points to the inability of an UMNO led Barisan National (BN) to win back the confidence of the people. The current government is so wrapped up in safe-guarding its hold on government that it has neglected the people. A 40% increase in fuel price without measures in place to reduce the fall-out, no clear measure to address corruption (where is the independent ACA?), a police force that has lost its “Mesra” tag and a judiciary scared to go against it “masters”.
Malaysians DO NOT own Malaysia.

Malaysians surrendered that right, at every election, into the hands of UMNO who have been championing their own cause all this while. UMNO is the largest political entity in Malaysia but with the smallest amount of empathy towards those outside of it’s convention walls.

Malaysians DO NOT own Malaysia.

We pay our taxes only to have it being used to pay the wages of MPs who endorse fuel price hikes (after the hike), stay silent when out-right injustice is committed by the police and judiciary, stay mute when people suffer from low wages and high food prices and debate over the use of national cars or Mercedes when 2/3 of the populace wonder if they can afford to own a vehicle. Our tax-money employ an administration that tells us to change our lifestyle, pay for Hydrofuel technology to reduce fuel expenses or buy electricity powered cars to reduce our dependancy on fuel. Idiots! We don’t even have enough money to get to work let alone spend more to “reduce” our expenditure on technology we can buy on eBay.

Malaysians DO NOT own Malaysia. SELF-SEEKING politicians own Malaysia.

Would change in government really change things? I don’t think so because the same old players are still in place. May I suggest that we by-pass there old geysers and have them implement the voice of the people. Our MPs should be willing to hold REFERENDUMS and accept the will of the people. Allow the people to have their say in the running of this country.

The government are merely stewards to the will and trust of the people. They are not lords over the people, instead the people are the ones employing them via our tax-money.

So it won’t be UMNO owning Malaysia, instead it would be Malaysians owning Malaysia and deciding on its future. UMNO, BN or Pakatan Rakyat are servants to the highest voice, the voice of the people.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Will there be a fuel price review? - Malaysiakini

If I remember correctly, the government is suppose to review the price of fuel and make adjustments base on the market price of crude oil. Thus, if the price goes up, we pay more per liter but if the price goes down we should be paying less. The review would be a monthly affair and I am waiting to see what would happen at month end.

As of now the price of crude oil is USD130.28 per barrel. Way lower than the USD150 it hit some weeks back. So would the government review the price?

Abdullah Badawi MUST keep his word. If the price review is to come than we should see cheaper fuel at month end and the reduction must be a snap move much like the price hike.

Setting the price of fuel to the market price would have an effect on the price of goods, which in turn would be good for the consumer. We would be able to shop around for the best price. Marketeers would have to make adjustments as and when cost of transportation changes due to lower or higher fuel prices.

The amount saved from subsidizing fuel prices should then be allocated to improving the standing of local food producers. This would keep the price of local products down and thus, allow the people can enjoy a lower cost of living. This should be the goal of the government in light of the increase of crude oil, reduce the living cost for the people and thus, you uplift the living standards of the people. When people can eat or afford to eat, you will have happy people. Happy people mean greater respect and the current government needs all the respect it can muster.


Much hype over nothing - HYDROFUEL idea | Malaysiakini

Last week Abdullah Badawi made a remark that on Friday (18th July) he was going to make an announcement about another measure the government had come up with in regards to lightening the people's burdens due to the recent fuel price hike. I gleefully waited, hoping that it would be some form of sustainable financial package.

Friday came and went and I had to ask friends what the measure was because I just did not see it.

My friends pointed out the Hydrofuel launch the PM had that day. "That's the BIG announcement," I was told. What no financial package? Was my response.

NOP! No SUSTAINABLE financial package. Instead we have to fork out more money to buy the so called locally-made hydrofuel technology to install into our cars. Furthermore, it was announced that we can save 50% on our fuel expenses when using this technology in our cars.

Question: How the heck can we save 50% on our expenses when the price of fuel is fixed? Does this mean we produce a discount card and get fuel at half the price that others are paying? Would this help reduce the cost of other essentials?

Come, Monday (21st July) and we hear nothing else about the launch on Friday (18th). It's just another case of "much hype over nothing." Yup, there was a launch and pictures of a smiling PM were taken and, obviously, this small bumiputra company that had been working on this solution since 2006 were happy.

But are we happy?

Whatever measure the current government puts in must be sustainable and long reaching. It must be an ECONOMIC solution not some gadget we install into our cars. It must address the matter at the source - the reduction of the price of fuel itself. Lower the RM2.70 and this would cause a domino effect on the market which in turn would trickle down to the consumer regardless of their income standing. Lower the fuel price and you would increase the spending power of the consumer thus you get the people to drive the economy forward. As we see it now, the Malaysian economy has grounded to a halt because no-one wants to spend. Why should we when right now when most of our money goes into fueling our commute to work or to power our airconditioning when the police decides to organized those crazy roadblocks.

What then from this government, who seems to have no idea on how to foster confidence in the people it governs? Free solar panels for home-owners? Windmill farms in Terengganu or Kelantan? Yup, sounds realistic in order to reduce spending on electrical expenses. Mandate it, make it law to have state government self generate reusable energy and you would see change not only for today for the future.

What we need are concrete solutions, not some lame statement that disappears after the launch. Come Monday and it's back to the normal political fare of yester-months.

Malaysia is so caught up in a political medley, we have all grounded to a halt. Real issues are left hanging and the people grow restless by the day. There is no confidence in the police nor the justice system and what more to say the government. I don't trust the MSM because they are merely throwing up smokescreens to protect the government but hide the real facts from the public. In the end, this would create disillusion among the populace and generate chaos. Malaysia has grounded to a halt and until we all wake up from this nightmare, we all might as well pump water into our fuel-tanks and hope the price of fuel will go down.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

As stupid as it gets, Najib in trouble - Malaysiakini

RPK has been arrested for his statutory declaration on the involvement of Najib Razak’s wife in the Altantuya murder. Taking this matter to court would be interesting, since we can finally see the evidence RPK has on Rosmah Mansur. RPK would have the perfect stage to bring out all evidence he says he has into the light of day because the evidence is the basis of his statutory declaration and an eager public awaits.

This would be a double whammy for the BN government. Regardless of whether RPK is proven guilty or innocent, Najib has a hard task ahead of him once he assumes the premiership. His reputation would have been stained and his every move scrutinized. Furthermore, in two (2) years time; Najib may be inheriting a broken government which has lost the confidence of the people and Najib may be the prime minister in which BN loses the general election. 13 may be Abdullah Badawi’s favorite number but it may spell doom for Najib.

Penulis blog terkenal Raja Petra Kamarudin ditahan hari ini dan didakwa di mahkamah atas tuduhan memfitnah isteri timbalan perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, dan dua orang lagi.

Beliau didakwa mengikut Seksyen 500 Kanun Keseksaan di Mahkamah Majistret Kuala Lumpur.

Raja Petra bagaimanapun enggan membuat sebarang pengakuan sama ada 'bersalah' atau 'tidak bersalah' terhadap tuduhan tersebut.

Beliau berkata berulangkali bahawa beliau enggan berbuat demikian kerana mendakwa tuduhan tersebut mengandungi kecacatan dan berniat jahat.

Pihak pendakwaraya bagaimanapun menganggapnya sebagai pengakuan 'tidak bersalah' dan memohon Majistret Nazran Mohd Sham membenarkan ikatjamin sebanyak RM10,000.

Source: Malaysiakini

RPK has been charge and is ready to take on the government. Somehow I believe, RPK had foreseen this all along. I think RPK was laying the stage for his confrontation with Najib Razak and the government at large. The Altantuya case was headed for obscurity, when RPK delivered his first salvo, that made him the first Malaysian blogger in prison and force Najib into the radar for his perceived direct involvement with the murdered Mongolian. This was followed by RPK 2nd shot in the form of a SD which pointed the finger at Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansur and two (2) others; who RPK say was with the Mongolian when she murdered. The police conducted their investigation and (it was no surprise) the messenger got arrested but I figure RPK was counting on this. It would pave his way to stand in court and prove his case. This is where I believe, Najib and Rosmah may have dug their own grave.

For starters, Najib or Rosmah or both of them, may be called to give testimony in a court of law. Najib’s name was mentioned at the onset of the murder trial but he managed to evade investigation via a clever statement by the judge that only the three (3) accused were involved in the murder. This excluded Najib from any form of investigation. RPK’s day in court may finally drag Najib into the very thing he was attempting to avoid and under pressure Najib seems to say things detrimental to himself. Najib’s attempt at telling the public he did not know Saiful comes to mind. First he said he did not know the lad and then says he did meet with Saiful days before Saiful made the report at his residence. Would Najib finally admit he does know Altantuya?

Secondly, RPK would be able to drag in others mentioned in his SD namely Khairy and Abdullah Badawi into the court room. Though the father and son-in-law duo have flatly denied any involvement in the sordid affair but by right they to have to be investigated. To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are clean. In fact, RPK could raise enough questions as to the role of the government in covering up Altantuya’s murderers. The deletion of immigration records and the readily available use of military C4 comes to mind.

So, RPK has managed to bring the government into the very stage he wanted them to be - the court of law. The courts are under immense scrutiny not only in RPK’s case but also in Anwar Ibrahim’s (recycled) sodomy charge.

The irony of all this, RPK and Anwar may be harassed and persecuted by the BN government but having the spotlight on these two (2) men only turns the spotlight on Najib Razak since he has some measure of involvement in both cases against the two men. It is Najib Razak who has to look over his shoulder, wondering when someone else is waiting to turn the key to the closet where old skeletons lie in waiting. In reality, putting RPK into a court of law may have just cancelled out Najib Razak’s credibility as the coming leader for Malaysia.

When writing the above RPK was still under arrest yet now the charges against him has been drop because they were incomplete. The AG now has to draw up another charge against him. Pure coincidence or did they realized what I stated above?


Deja Vu - back to 1998. A Call for REFORMASI.

You may have been having trouble accessing Malaysiakini or Malaysia-Today because people are just scrambling to get the real picture for the events affecting our fair country. Main Stream Media (MSM) was quick to downplay the debate and highlight the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim and today I believe the arrest of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK).

The Barisan Nasional (BN) government has gone into paranoid mode, using every apparatus at their disposal to quieten the voices of dissent and to clampdown “thorns” in their flesh. It is moronic that the BN government is merely UMNO because the other component parties have been mute and barely a squeak is heard from them.

Yes, it is not BN that runs the country, it is merely UMNO. Forget MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sarawak BN or Sabah BN. These affiliate bodies are merely needed to make up the numbers to grab government and keep government in the hands of UMNO. Isn’t all this squabbling only between UMNO and PR and involves no-one else?

Deja Vu. Don’t you feel it? It is 1998 all over again, the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim has sparked calls for REFORMASI and to be honest, I think 10 years down the road; this time the rakyat will win over. Things are different now.

Beliau ditangkap sewaktu hampir tiba di kediamannya di Segambut Dalam, Kuala Lumpur tengah hari tadi selepas memberikan keterangan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) di Putrajaya berhubung isu dakwaan pemalsuan laporan ketua polis negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan dan peguam negara Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.

Source: Malaysiakini

Tun Mahathir had the tenacity and character to weather the storm of 1998. Abdullah Badawi stood flabbergasted as the results came in for the 12th General Election of 2008. The government of 1998 had the economic problems to deal with and the notion that Anwar Ibrahim charges were fabricated. The government of 1998 survived this period, scarred but seemingly intact. 10 years down the road and we have a prime minister who has lost the confidence of the people, his own party members and even the former prime minister. Coupled with the fact that under the tenure of Abdullah Badawi, the Malaysian economy has taken a nosedive. All because of poor management and flip-flop decisions.

The arrest of Anwar Ibrahim and RPK would merely turn them into folk-heros. No matter how the MSM paints it, the normal guy on the street would view their imprisonment as an attack on innocent Malaysians who dared to speak up against the establishment. Dare we say there is nothing wrong with Malaysia, as claimed by Abdullah Badawi? I say there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the governance of this country and somehow I cannot help but feel, the rakyat has been cheated into believing the BN government can deliver a better life for all Malaysians. In fact, they have made out life harder.

How can we not think, the police would be un-bias when dealing with Anwar Ibrahim and RPK? The current IGP, Musa Hassan was implicated by Anwar Ibrahim in fabricating evidence in the 1998 fiasco. There is a clear indication of a conflict of interest here. The IGP has arrested the man that is implicating him in a case being investigated by the Anti Corruption Agency. The arrest has vendetta written all over it. Can the IGP say he will be un-bias and fair in the investigations? The Attorney General (AG), Abdul Gani Patail is also implicated by Anwar Ibrahim. The AG is the one who will build the court case against Anwar. Again there is a clear indication of a conflict of interest. There will NOT be any fairness in the whole matter and I believe Anwar knows this.

RPK will be arrested for fabricating a statutory declaration. A convenient way to silence him though I think it will further erode public support for Najib Razak (heir apparent to Abdullah Badawi). It would be amazing to see a prime minister in office with the specter of murder hanging over his head. The “Did he do it?” tag will haunt Najib Razak for a long, long time.

Peguam pengendali Malaysia Today menerima waran itu pagi ini dan
Raja Petra mengesahkan perkara itu dengan polis petang ini, kata isterinya Marina Lee Abdullah.

Dalam akuan berkanunnya bertarikh 18 Jun lalu, Raja Petra menuduh Rosmah antara tiga individu yang berada di tempat kejadian ketika wanita Mongolia itu dibunuh pada 19 Oktober 2006.

Source: Malaysiakini

What will become of Malaysia in the next coming months? Downhill as far as the immediate future is concerned unless real measures are put into place to address what the rakyat wants. The rakyat is already burdened by the fuel hike that in turned increased the cost of living and then we have a government that just seems to not care about our plight. Instead we have a government bent on personal vendettas against their opponents.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Absurd way of doing things - Anwar arrested before deadline

Malaysiakini was hard to get into but the news is out and the whole world knows. After thumping the Information Minister in a live open debate and submitting himself to an ACA interview, Anwar Ibrahim was arrested an hour before his 2pm appointment with the police.


Because the police feared he would not make the 2pm deadline. ABSURD reasoning! If he did not make the 2pm deadline then Anwar should have been arrested. Yet again the police jumped the gun, went into panic mode and pulled a fast one.

Malaysiakini reported that there was a convoy of 15 police cars converging onto Anwar's location to arrest him. 15 police cars to arrest 1 man? They must really want him bad.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by the police just outside his home in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, at 12.55pm.

Source: Malaysiakini

Once again the BN government under Abdullah Badawi have pulled off a stunt that would further damaged their already damaged reputation. This will only anger everyday Malaysians and draw the attention of the world. Anwar is now seen as a champion of the people who is being stomped on by a government that is desperately trying to hold on to power. This could be the final draw for most people as the manner in which Anwar is treated by the authorities is deemed over-excessive and ludicrous.

It was coming and Anwar Ibrahim knew it would come to this. Among the last thing he said at yesterdays open debate was that he would soon contest in a by-election. This obviously sent signals to those in power to stamp him out and it happened today. Putting him behind bars would thwart any move by Anwar to stand for election.

Abdullah Badawi has a lot to answer for if this is going to be the practice of the police force in Malaysia where a person can arrested at will even when they have volunteered to give a statement at a given time. High-handed and provocative; this merely shows the current BN government is so paranoid that it has lost all sense of common sense.

UPDATE: The police are also looking for RPK. This is totally absurd! The people should stand up and say enough is enough!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The bottom-line is:

(1). The police over-reacted to "whispers" and caused havoc,
(2). The government were caught with their pants down, so blame opposition,
(3). The opposition has no idea so give denial and walk out of parliament,
(4). Home Minister has to apologize yet say that it was good for everyone to be caught in jam (for the sake of national security),
(5). The police claimed the roadblocks were a success cause no demonstrations,

Malaysiakini reports:

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar claimed that his ministry had received crucial information indicating that a demonstration was to have been staged in Parliament today.

Source: Malaysiakini

Stop the "claims of having evidence" and just show it for the whole world to see. Like if its evidence then it is evidence and evidence needs to be seen by people in order to be judge whether or not it can prove the authenticity of an action or act.

The government (Pak Lah) just last week lambasted bloggers and new media as people who spread lies and stuff. Yet the Home Ministry reads these "claims for a demonstration" on blogs and SMS and concluded that it would happen and in its wisdom gets the courts to stop Anwar Ibrahim from walking to parliament and blocks off half the city roads.

If what bloggers and new media spread lies, why bother reading them and listening to them?

Show us the evidence and let us judge for ourselves whether what you did is right or wrong. Throw yourself at the mercy of the people who were stuck in traffic jams and burning precious fuel and not to mention killing precious breathable air.

WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Or is it lying somewhere in a little black box? Or is this a mere case of the government being paranoid with one man? So if Anwar has no credibility, just a little man making noise or is a liar; why bother listening to him and going out of your way to stop whatever plans he may have mentioned or thought of?

We have a very paranoid government and the more you look at it, our government is beginning to look like those countries over in Africa that can't seem to get their politics right. The kind that kills off every opponent and then turns onto itself and caught in all that is the people. Innocent people trying to etch out a living.

Enough talking, just show us the EVIDENCE and let the people decide. Right now, everyone is saying a lot of things, calling names and trying to prove themselves. To me I consider everyone LYING until they can prove their words RIGHT with evidence. It doesn't matter whether you're BN or PR. You are LYING until proven TRUTHFUL. Fair enough?


Monday, July 14, 2008

When IDIOTS rule the land.

It was a decision that shows even in the August house, things are bias. In a climate such as this, how will Malaysia ever get itself out of the rut. The people have sent a message, the opposition has sent a message and even the former prime minister (who brought him into office) has sent a message, yet he refuses to listen.

As reported by Malaysiakini at 3.32pm:

Usul tergempar hilang keyakinan pada perdana menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang dibawa oleh ahli-ahli parlimen Pakatan Rakyat ditolak sebentar tadi.

Yang dipertua Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia menolak usul yang difailkan oleh ketua pembangkang Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Susulan keputusan yang dipertua dewan, semua anggota parlimen PKR, DAP dan PAS meninggalkan dewan beramai-ramai dan memulau sesi persidangan sepanjang hari hingga petang ini.

Source: Malaysiakini

The BN MPs seem blind to his flip-flopping ways, which have hurt the rakyat and when there are people who dare challenge him, these MPs rally behind him with such blind audacity. It's amazing that all reasoning has gone out the window.

Rejecting such a notion only points to the fact that the current BN MPs are so insecure and desperately clinging on to power with any means possible. What's wrong in debating this matter? What are the BN MPs afraid of? They have numbers on their side yet they are really scared that from among their ranks, some would chose to jump ship. It seems so this current government is more interested in self-preservation than in looking out for the needs of the people.

They've already created a panic induced traffic jam for most parts of the capital and had the nerve to blame everything on the opposition and at some demonstration that never came about. The police intelligence reports had been wrong about this one and in the end only cause people to get more frustrated at them.

The people need too be convinced to have confidence in their government and any move by the government must be tailored to build up the confidence of the people not break it. All the moves by the government in the pass few months have only serve the point that given the chance, the people would like to see a change in government the sooner the better.

So when IDIOTS rule the land expect such stupid things to come out of the August house as non-existent demonstrations, today no-hike but tomorrow still hike, "I never met him yet since you didn't ask...I remember meeting him", "your skirt too short", "I did not gesture like that but since the whole nation saw it but no one in the dewan did, then yes I did it but it was not meant to be like that".

Morons have entered the house!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Paranoid Malaysian Government is a Weak Government.

Folks living in the capital would be up in arms because certain roads have been sealed off due to security reasons - namely AnwarPhobia. The current BN government is in paranoid mode at the moment and fearing (rumored) demonstrations they issued a court order to block Anwar from coming near the Parliament building and stop any parliamentarian from bringing in guests into parliament.

Obviously, this current government is scared stiff, living in fear of shadows and they have the nerve to get the police and the courts to do their bidding. A weak and insecure government would act this way. A government desperately trying to cling on to power would act this way. A government out of touch with its people would act this way.

Malaysiakini reports:

Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata langkah keselamatan itu terpaksa diambil selepas beliau mendapat maklumat satu demonstrasi besar-besaran akan diadakan oleh pihak pembangkang sama ada di dalam ataupun di luar kawasan Parlimen, Isnin ini.

Source: Malaysiakini.

The stupid thing is, all this is a matter of "us against them" - government against opposition, BN vs PR, Anwar against the BN government, etc. The losers in all this is the rakyat. We are caught in all these politicking and no-one gives a damn to what's affecting our lives.

What has all this politicking done for us? It merely shows that our current government is WEAK. In the eyes of the world, we've never moved on. The act of governing the resources of the country has not taken off. Rather it has been side-lined by scandals and political rivalry that benefits us not. The rakyat is treated to a show of absurd proportions. A lot of "sweets" was given out by Pak Lah to placate the voices of dissent coming out from Sabah and Sarawak, but seriously how much of those billions will ever reach the people who need them most? So much talk about developing corridors and running projects but where are those projects now? What happened to the money being pumped into RMK9? We hear lots of promises and talk from the establishment but that is all it is, TALK!

No-one bothers with the fact that we struggle to buy the daily essentials, that financially, everyone is struggling to meet ends meet. No-one bothers about the fact, we all find the current political scenario very childish and that parliament now seems to be populated by insecure brats who succumb to playground bullying tactics and selfish little Napoleons making a quick buck at the expense of the rakyat.

I pay my taxes and this money goes to the running of the country yet I do not see tangible proof that this money is being used. Instead, I see ministers arguing over the length of a skirt, talking about little boxes of dirty proof, police chasing SD suspects and road blocks around seats of power. My tax money is being used to fund such stupid activities while I struggle to put food on the table because my pay is still the same yet the essentials to raise a family has gone up. It is sickening and down-right ridiculous that this government is more interested in protecting itself rather than then looking into the needs of those under their care.

In truth, the government do not see us a Malaysians, human beings struggling to live but rather, we are only people who put that "X" on a ballot paper that keeps them in power. Once our services are no longer needed, we are left to rot and fend for ourselves.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abdullah Badawi should start blogging.

There is a reason Malaysiakini is the top news portal in Malaysia. People have just had enough of bias government-centric reporting by the main stream media. Too much sugar coated news reports that at times border on pure fiction (too good to be true). It's almost like what happens in North Korea where the Great Leader is treated as a demigod.

Another point is that Malaysiakini appreciates the contribution of bloggers to nation building and in creating an atmosphere of un-bias reporting. Malaysiakini encourages bloggers to voice out their opinions and view points.

Abdullah Badawi should start blogging and telling us what he thinks rather than spend time lambasting bloggers, YouTube and new media. The bias reporting of Main Stream Media (MSM) is also to blame for the BN's poor showing in the last General Election so it is the MSM that need to be struck on the head not bloggers, YouTube or New Media.

As the world move towards an open society where information exchange is critical and essential, the BN government is still with the mindset that such information should be control and regulated. How do you control and regulate public opinion?

Pak Lah, stop talking and just start blogging and engage the millions of Malaysians who go online everyday. Engage them and understand what they have to say. Not all bloggers are out to get you, furthermore not all bloggers give a hoot to BN's political drama.

The main reason, millions of Malaysians turn to New Media and to blogging is primarily because they want to be heard yet there is not channel in the real world worth putting your story to. Would the MSM report on the top executive misconducts? Would the MSM encourage investigative reporting where NO-ONE (BN & PR included) is spared?

Start a blog, Pak Lah and engage the rakyat. If Saiful can walk right into Najib's house because Najib is concern for the young lad, what about Pak Lah? Even if we can't walk into Pak Lah's house, maybe we can drop a comment on his blog which is the next best thing.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's all about the butt. Nothing new in Malaysia

You have close to 30,000 people who turn up on their own, paid fuel-money to the event, bought some nice t-shirts and all we remember is a guy who apparently allowed his butt to be the centre-piece of his performance.

Ok, Najib called it an unsuccessful event because it did not reach the 1 Million mark but then for 30,000 people to turn up without being paid (unlike most UMNO rallies) is in itself a great accomplishment. Most rallies by the establishment would have busloads of civil servants shuttled away from their workplace for a day of "support showing". It looks good on the news, the support of the people is behind state sponsored rallies. But in PROTES we have a rally attended by everyday Malaysians who just want to show their sincere support. How can that be a failure? So Najib better be careful in calling something a failure or success. He wasn't even at the rally so can he honestly deemed something a success or failure?

Anyway, back to the butt issue. The lead singer apologized as reported by Malaysiakini:

"Saya tidak sedar, saya tengah asyik (feel) dengan lagu," jelasnya.

"Saya sebenarnya tidak melondehkan seluar seperti yang ditulis oleh beberapa media hari ini."

Ketika membuat persembahan itu, tambah Alak, beliau tidak berniat menimbulkan ketidakpuasan hati penonton.

Sehubungan itu, beliau meminta maaf sekiranya tindakannnya itu menimbulkan kemarahan penonton.

"Saya minta maaf kalau buat penonton marah. Bukan niat saya untuk membuatkan orang marah," katanya.

"Mungkin kami salah khalayak."

Source: Malaysiakini

So apology aside, let's look at what PROTES has accomplished and not some guys butt.

PROTES has shown that ordinary Malaysians can come together base on an issue that affects them. They can gather peacefully though throwing bricks or water bottles at someone's butt could be term "violent", depends how media paints it. The PAKATAN RAKYAT MPs came out in force to state their claim in the Malaysian political arena. Anwar even said he can bring down the fuel price, which I think he can at the expense of other stuff like government projects for BN cronies. But would Anwar make a good PM? Issues aside, things have been getting really personal for Anwar lately and all this "we will change government" stuff seems to be more of a personal vendetta rather than a "i'll do it for the rakyat" cause. It's beginning to pan out as an Anwar fight and not the rakyat's fight. His fight against the sodomy charges may in fact derailed his rise to becoming the next PM.

The rear end of things seem to be making the news nowadays in Malaysia.

This state of rear-end-fixation does not augur well for Malaysians. Take our MPs in parliament who tend to be on the rear end of things in the first place. Do they make decision base on what the rakyat want or do they merely wag their approval at anything that comes from the top executives? So are our MPs merely holders of rubber stamps, who make up the numbers to endorse decisions rather than being the initiators of requests by the rakyat?

If the rakyat wants the fuel price to come down, will the cabinet seriously look at this request or will we be thrown facts and figures telling us it would be bad for the country? But isn't the country made up of the rakyat who are now suffering?

So now, the rakyat is also at the rear end of things.

Seriously, I think everyone's at the rear end of someone else so who's taking the lead? Who's leading the way for Malaysia?


Monday, July 7, 2008

Anwar has thrown the challenge, is Pak Lah's government man enough to take it?

War in the old days was so much civilized. A king would send an emissary to announce his intention to another king and they would decide where to meet to wage war. Terms and conditions would be set and the battle would commence. So civilized and only the armies were involve. Civilians merely stayed indoors and waited for the outcome.

Today, things are different. When two warring parties get into a tussle, it is often the civilians who take the brunt of the blows. "Collateral Damage" has been a by-word for killing innocent civilians.

Anwar has thrown the challenge would Pak Lah's government take it? Or will we see dismissals in the MSM?

Malaysiakini reported what Anwar had to say at the Protest Rally:

"Saya mencabar mereka memberikan bukti-bukti sebelum menuduh dan mengaitkan saya," katanya dalam cermah kepada kira-kira 25,000 di Stadium Kelana Jaya, di Petaling jaya malam ini.

"Saya sedia menerima apa sahaja hukuman jika dibuat mengikut undang-undang yang adil.

"Saya akan tunduk jika mereka boleh memberikan bukti tuduhan terhadap saya.

"Jika mahu saya bersumpah dengan nama Allah, Insya-Allah saya akan lakukan," katanya diikuti tepukan gemuruh para hadirin.

Source: Malaysiakini

The rakyat have spoken, numbers aside, it still the voice of the rakyat and the government should take heed. Every small voice counts because it is with the will of the rakyat, governments are installed. Thus, it is to the rakyat the government must seek approval not the other way round.

It would not amaze me if the government of the day would play down all that happened during the weekend. Instead, BN would politicize the matter and make it out as a "them against us" fiasco. The very people who say, don't politicize things would be the ones to politicize things. And at the end of the day, the voice of the rakyat would be ignored.

The rakyat is saying (if the BN government has ears to hear) the fuel hike hurts us, the flip-flopping indecisiveness of the administration hurts us, the blatant abuse of power by the police and courts hurts us, corrupted leaders hurts us and smoke-screen scandals hurts us.

Pak Lah's government should take up the challenge for open debates with Anwar and let the people judge. The BN government should not hide behind press statements and skewed media coverage. Instead, take the fight into the open and let's see who is man enough to lead this country. The rakyat is looking for leaders who would lead, fight the fight and prove to us that our vote was meaningful.


Friday, July 4, 2008

A Malaysia lost in scandals.

Another explosive day when just 24 hours after making a Statutory Declaration, Balasubramaniam retracts it and makes another one where there is no mention of Najib. So what gives?

This would go down as the weirdest 24 hours in Malaysian history. First Najib is implicated as being the person behind the Altantuya murder and then in a surprise move, his accuser makes an about turn and says he wasn't. I believe Razak Baginda must be screaming his lungs out now. Wondering what ever came over Balasubramaniam.

Malaysiakini reports:

Penyiasat persendirian, P Balasubramaniam membuat kejutan lagi apabila menarik balik akuan berkanunnya yang mengaitkan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dengan Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Source: Malaysiakini

It's a twisted tale and a mockery of the courts. A Statutory Declaration is a legal document. Can one simply retract it on a flimsy reason, "I was force to make it"? It is a binding document and a serious document where one makes a declaration under oath that whatever he states is the truth (according to him) of the matter. By retracting it in this manner, Balasubramaniam has made a mockery of the courts. Or was he made to retract the SD? There is always the possibility.

This sets the stage for more name calling and finger pointing. The government will be quick to point the finger at Anwar Ibrahim as being the one orchestrating the downfall of Malaysia. Yes, Anwar is being painted as a traitor to the country and worthy of stoning. Yet, if Anwar is a traitor by virtue that he seemingly reports back to Washington all that happens here then truly the other ministers are no less traitors.

Corrupted officials, who pocket the rakyat's money are traitors of the highest order. They have done wrong not only to the country but also to the people of the country. They are traitors to 26 million Malaysians who entrusted them with their welfare and livelihood. After 100 days, the BN government has little to show for except going on a witch hunt to get Anwar and merely to make decisions only to retract them later (twice salary payment for civil servants). This is a scandal in itself. How could a decision be made by the highest official figure in the country only to be retracted and reversed?

It seems everything in Malaysia can be reverse once it's made public. I wish they reverse the decision to raise the price of fuel...but wait. The price was raised and then decided on...silly me. That was a case of "shoot and ask questions later."

There is turmoil in the government. Scandals upon scandals are being played out before us. Who then is fit to lead Malaysia? If there is a hint of scandal for Najib then what about the other ministers below him? Is the whole cabinet not without scandals or are we just waiting for another SD to be release that implicates another minister and open another can of worms?


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is Najib fit to lead Malaysia?

The plot thickens right on the heels of Rosmah's denial that she is involve in the Altantuya murder case as stated by Raja Petra Kamarudin in his statutory declaration where he named Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor as being directly involved in the Mongolian's death.Najib denied his wife's involvement and Rosmah followed suit. Najib has always denied any involvement in the Altantuya murder case and made it clear that he did not know Altantuya even when his name was mentioned by the murdered Mongolian's cousin during questioning in court.

Najib was never investigated but always held suspect.

In a previous post I questioned whether Najib is innocent. The trial has raised too many questions and most point back to Najib. Apart from the occasional denials and assurance from Pak Lah, we are fed, by main stream media, with the idea that Najib is clean. But mere denials only leave the door open for inference and speculation on his role in the Altantuya murder. Until and unless Najib is truly investigated and cleared can we say, without any shadow of a doubt, that he is innocent. When he was given the chance to submit himself to investigation, it was engineered that he wouldn't. Now it seems, Najib will finally be investigated.

Najib is now feeling the heat with the explosive statutory declaration by Balasubramaniam the former private investigator employed by Razak Baginda to look out for Altantuya when she was in Kuala Lumpur.

Among the claims of Balasubramaniam as reported on Malaysiakini:

Selain maklumat tersebut, dakwa Balasubramaniam lagi, penganalisis politik yang dekat dengan pemimpin negara itu juga memberitahunya:
* Najib memaklumkan kepada majikannya itu bahawa mereka berdua pernah melakukan hubungan seks.

* Oleh sebab beliau sekarang timbalan perdana menteri, Najib meminta Abdul Razak menjaga Altantuya agar wanita berkenaan tidak mengacaunya.

* Ketiga-tiga mereka – Najib, Abdul Razak dan Altantuya - didakwa pernah makan malam bersama di Paris.

* Altantuya menuntut wang komisyen sebanyak US$500,000 daripadanya berhubung pembelian kapal selam Malaysia di negara itu.

Source: Malaysiakini

According to the statutory declaration by Balasubramaniam, Najib not only knew the Mongolian, he knew her on an intimate level. If true, then this supports RPK's declaration that Rosmah was involve personally in the Mongolian's demise.

There is clear motive for Rosmah to be involve personally with Altantuya especially with the revelation that Altantuya was formerly Najib's lover and that Razak Baginda was instructed by Najib to "support" her financially. Najib's involvement is heavy in the Altantuya murder, for it seems clear now that he could be the one given the instructions in the background.

We could speculate that it gives enough reason for Rosmah to obtain C4 and blow up the poor Mongolian. And we all wondered why C4 was used or why blow up a dead woman? Crimes of passion sometimes defy simple logic because they are motivated by emotions and this case jealousy and anger are strong enough emotions.

Would the police investigate the allegation in Balasubramaniam's statutory declaration? Would we see an investigation that is not tainted by hidden instructions from those in the halls of power?

Would the heir apparent, Pak Lah's successor to the premiership be investigated?

Pak Lah has given his statement that he believes Najib is not involve in the Altantuya case.

This new revelation that Najib (true or not) is involve would only mean Pak Lah is either lying or ignorant to what happens around him. Again it shows how messed up the government of Malaysia is and regardless of the outcome, we would start questioning - "Is Najib fit to lead Malaysia?"


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trust No One - Do We Trust The Police, Judges or Government?

Fox Mulder from the greatest series to grace our screens in the early 90s, The X-Files had a catch phrase that holds true until today. TRUST NO ONE. The whole show was a big question to the American people - Do You Trust Your Government?

I ask this same question for Malaysians today - DO YOU TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT?

One does not need much brain power to deduce the fishy stench from this sordid affair.

How could Mohd. Saiful afford to stay in a luxury condominium as reported by Malaysiakini?

Dalam satu laporan polis Sabtu lalu, beliau didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu terhadap pembantu di pejabatnya itu - Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan - di Unit 1151 kondominium tersebut pada 26 Jun lalu.

Bilik kondominium itu dipercayai dihuni oleh Saiful.

Source: Malaysiakini

The condo goes for RM7,500 to RM15,000 a month. This Saiful is 23, university drop-out and yet can stay in a condo?

Saiful is 23, yet was able to be overpowered by a much older man, who has a back injury. I would love to know what Anwar Ibrahim is eating because whatever it is, gives him near super-human strength. Either that or this Saiful is one poor excuse for a man.

Pak Lah and Najib has denied any involvement from the government and yet leaves it to the Police to decide. Denials and washing hands is the order of the for the current BN. Don't they realize that the rakyat finds it really hard to trust anything they say? I like what RPK had to say about the whole "We are not responsible" bit.

Kudos to the police for their reaction time. Any report with ANWAR IBRAHIM stamped on it would mean next day action. Notice how fast everything fell into place with even the AG getting involve in record time. We should note all this in the Malaysian Book of Records. All in the span of less than 5 days we have a full blown investigation. Did you noticed the Forensic truck (which could double as an ice-cream truck) rolling into the condo grounds? Cool! Let's hope CSI Malaysia would be the next show to hit the tele because their response time is almost on par with CSI Las Vegas, Miami or New York.

Can we really trust the Police for a transparent investigation or the Courts for a fair trial?

"Yang saya bimbang ini adalah kepimpinan polis yang saya pertikaikan kerana saya ada bukti betapa Tan Sri Musa Hassan dan (Tan Sri Abdul) Gani Patail terlibat dalam perencanaan jahat, merekayasa atau memberikan fakta palsu dalam kes-kes (perbicaraan saya) terdahulu," tambahnya.

Source: Malaysiakini

Looks like we will be entertained to a full sandiwara, in the coming weeks. Anwar Ibrahim would reveal his evidence and the Police and Courts would do a tag-team with the Government to push Anwar into the Twilight Zone. Its all a game to these people. A game where the winners are few but the losers are the people of Malaysia.

While these people play run-around-the-mulberry-bush with investigations, law suits and denials; the message sent across is that the Malaysian government of 2008 is a seriously sick government. It has failed the people of Malaysia. Would changing the government make any difference? I don't think so because the Police and Courts are equally as sick as the Government. Changing government merely solves 1/3 of the problem. The other 2/3 needs to be address too. The three are in a cohort to protect each others grip on power. Bringing down one would not be enough.

In truth, the political scene in Malaysia is so messed up it is better that we did not have a government at all. Install full power to the monarchy and allow the rakyat to decide base on referendums. The rakyat has lost trust in the current institutions of this country. It is time ,the rakyat trust itself and make a stand. Not a stand for any political entity but a stand for the people of Malaysia.

Fox Mulder was assigned a basement office and if you walk into it, you will see just behind his deck a poster with a UFO that has the wordings, "I WANT TO BELIEVE". I want to believe Malaysia would be strong. I want to believe we would be protected by our government. I want to believe I can get a fair trial.

But at this moment, I wonder if that belief is merely wishful thinking.


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