Friday, January 22, 2010

Dr. M at it again

Dr M panned over statement

PETALING JAYA: The statement by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that the Sept 11 attack was “staged” could not come at a worse time when the nation is facing its own issues, says the Merdeka Centre.

Its director Ibrahim Suffian said Dr Mahathir’s statement did not help with the country’s image at a time of religious tension.

Source: The Star Online.

Don't you just love this man. He still takes a swipe at the powers that be and I must say, you have to admire his bravado.

Not one to be thought of being out of the picture, Dr. M had to speak his mind. And issue aside, it must be said that this guy has guts. Taking on those around him with statements that continue to cast him into the limelight. Great stuff.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Court to decide on use of word.

It's up to the courts to decide on the use of the word Allah by the catholic publication The Herald. No doubt this has stock some sentiments from the muslim community in Malaysia, clearly shown when about 30 NGOs submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister concerning the court's decision. The PM has called for calm among muslims in the country and I hope it will be like that, or else; what form of example muslims would show if a few bad apples run amok?

I like the comment by the former National Fatwa Council chairman Datuk Dr Ismail Ibrahim on this matter. It's good to have leaders who are able to comment on the broader issue at hand;

However, Ismail said Muslims must accept with an open heart whatever decisions made by the court and whatever perceptions made by the general public on the word Allah and its different concepts.

“They should strengthen their faith and knowledge so that they are not easily affected by any interpretations or challenges that may come from time to time.

“The kind of resistance by Muslims in the country towards this challenge is very important in maintaining their tolerance and openness while not compromising their faith and religion,” he added.

He said the morality and dignity of Muslims should not be jeopardised because of a few court decisions because courts have the liberty to interpret the laws and if it concerned a subjective matter, several stages of decision-makings will be involved.

“The concern that this matter would confuse the young Muslims should be a motivation factor for Muslim scholars to strengthen their agenda in order to give a better understanding about the religion to fellow Muslims,” he added.

Article: sun2surf


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to write...

I've been keeping quiet in this section of the blogosphere. Partly because I got disgusted at the state of matters in Malaysia. The same old problems keep swirling around with no solution in sight. Every year brings about the same issues and yet no real solution in sight. Corruption is still a problem, but then as a friend pointed out; corruption in our sights may not be corruption at all. Given the asian habit of giving gifts to their leaders. So corruption in the view of many may not be corruption but rather abuse of power.

So as of this new year, I hope to have the heart again to write and comment about the stuff in Malaysia.

So keep me in sight. I'll be writing again.


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