Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of DVDs and distraught candidates

In Malaysia all things are lead to a lonely place called politico-alley. It's an alley where one can sell their soul to the highest bidder and make a quick buck at the expense of the ordinary bloke living on the street. They pawn themselves to the masses and all they want is our super-fly ability to mark the ballot paper. And what happens when a candidate does not get the money they yearn to gain from politico-alley? Draw out a DVD of recordings that prove someone tried to buy you out. Use the DVD to blackmail and hopefully get back at those whom spurn you. Ironically, nothing is gain from this desperate act to gain 15 minutes of fame and glory on national television. It merely taints the very system from which the citizen elects its representatives. It exposes the fact that in Malaysia anything and everything is tied to politics. From the education system, concession to buy land, the right to one's own religion and the use of certain words in daily living; are all governed by politics.

In Malaysia nothing is spared. All are used for political gain.

In an environment such as this, it is small wonder that a candidate can claim that they were offered money to be a candidate. No surprise when it is the norm. So aside from selling the idea that the Opposition in Malaysia are all crooks, such revelation only serves as a headline to sell more newspapers or feed the Government propaganda machine.

I would welcome this distraught candidate to reveal all and allow the citizens to decide for themselves. If she can claim that the Opposition are crooks, then what more the current Government, whom have more resources and money to offer to the Opposition in order to manipulate them for the government gains. If a little is revealed, then allow the whole to be made visible.

Will this happen in Malaysia?


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