Friday, October 31, 2008

Acquitted but not innocent.

Razak Baginda has been acquitted by the courts for abetting in the murder of the Mongolian, Altantuya. Acquitted because the persecution failed to put together a case to show his involvement. Fault lies with the persecuting team. But acquittal does not mean innocence. One may be guilty as hell but if the persecution fail to put a case together against you then there will not be any case at all. The courts cannot hold you accountable to any crime if it cannot be proven. And this is the case with Razak Baginda.

Yes, he admitted to having an affair with Altantuya and this is (thus far) his involvement with the Mongolian but did he kill her? That's the bigger question. Is he innocent? It is open to debate. Acquittal merely means there is no court case against you.

So now the case will shift to the two accused, who must now enter their defense for the murder of the Mongolian.

A certain Incoming Prime Minister is sighing a relief. The one connection he had with this murder is now set free. It would fair to say that this case is closed and would only be looked upon as another murder case. Suffice to say, Malaysian's will move on to other matters and whatever shadowy dealings that conspired to bring about the demise of the Mongolian will never be brought into the light of day.

This is the real tragedy of this case. The suppression of truth. We will never know how C4 was obtained. We will never now how immigration records can be deleted. We will never know who gave the order to terminate the Mongolian's life.

Too many questions are left unanswered. The so called police investigation only points to the fact that two police officers stepped out of their way to shoot and blow up a helpless Mongolian woman.

The truth is definitely still out there.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When public money is taken for a spin.

Malaysiakini has the latest juice on the eurocopter deals. The whole deal was brought into the public light when letters, complaining about the purchase of the helicopters appeared on Malaysia-Today.

The purchase of the helicopters have been shelved and the money to be allocated to more public interest projects, thus says Pak Lah in his capacity as Defense Minister. It must be noted that the whole affair was initiated by the former Defense Minister, Najib Razak, and if followed through would have made some people really rich. Instead, only after public outcry, has the whole project been shelved.

The main question is, "Why pay double for the helicopters?" Of course the government's reply was that the helicopters cost more because of customization works but that answer still cannot satisfy the public.

As a tax payer, I really want to know (besides paying double for it), why the tender board should choose an expensive product when there was a cheaper quoted helicopter on the list? This act alone goes against the general order for purchasing, which is set out by the government itself. So the government is actually side-stepping its own requirements for purchasing by selecting an expensive product over one that is the cheapest.

So rather than explain themselves, the government shelved the project and the money (public money) would be use elsewhere. Smart. In the end we never will get the answers to our questions.

It's high time the government showed they are more responsible towards the people. Their dealings should be more transparent and the public should be in the know with what the government is planning to do with their money. It is the role of our elected Member of Parliament to scrutunize every project that involves the rakyat's money. Yet we do not see this.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Money Politics is Money Politics

The longer campaign period leading towards next year’s Umno polls could actually help reduce money politics and not worsen it, said Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Mohammad Tajol Rosli Ghazali.

“The longer the campaign period, the fewer chances there are for money politics as it is not easy to ‘look after’ people for months.

Source: The Star

Reading through this report by The Star, I can safely say that money politics is alive and well in UMNO. It seems to be the normal practice and part and parcel of climbing up the ladder of the political tower.

So the longer period would mean it will cost more to 'look after' the people; making it a non-viable way to gain support in UMNO but what happens when we have candidates who have war-chest that are limitless? Mind you, career politicians are ready for the long haul and their war-chests run into the millions. Money is not the issue to them and neither is buying or selling out one another. So really, the length of time till the party elections is not an issue here.

In short, money politics should be irradicated.

Wasn't this one of the promises of Pak Lah when he came into office? It seems he has forgotten or merely given up. It is not an easy thing to rid off when the whole structure of the political party basically survives on who can pay off the most. It is not only during nomination time that money is passed around. Even during the lull moments, money is passed around through the awarding of contracts and favors. This is the ROI for money passed during nominations.

So what is a few million when you can make back billions?

So money politics is money politics and nothing will change in the way politics is done in Malaysia. The fact that statements like the above make it into prime time news just shows how real the matter is and how deep it is instilled into the very fabric of UMNO itself.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Much ado over Bollywood

Is it really a big deal? Or merely our politicians trying to raise a storm in a teacup?

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) getting a datukship can be a good thing taken in a positive note. The guy does have influence and that influence can be turned into tourism ringgit. So why the sudden call for Malacca to retract when not only Malacca but the whole of Malaysia can benefit from the influence of SRK?

I like what Tun Mahathir wrote about this matter in his blog. It's clear and simple to grasp, clearly showing why Tun initiated this move to attract Bollywood to Malaysia. Tun had vision and a far-sight strategic plan to put Malaysia in the eyes of the world. Sadly, none of the current MPs share this ability to see into the future for the good of this nation. Yes, we may not like Tun but you can't help notice, he is a statesman above all the rest. His mind still clear even when he walks in his 80s.

So give SRK his datukship and encourage more people to visit Malaysia. The tourism ringgit would help move the nation's economy, translating into income for those in the cottage industries (souvenirs) and local eateries. Isn't that what the government should be doing - spurring the growth of our nation's economy?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is Justice in Malaysia?

It's great to receive comments on your blog. You feel like you have contributed to the bigger body of knowledge by allowing people to post their views and (hopefully) generate meaningful discussions. There have been times in my blogging life (since 2003) where some people have not been happy with my postings and even at one time a reader threatened to sue me for a comment posted by another reader.

But I must say something to arjun who graciously commented on my post "ISA for Crimes of Opinion". He made a reference to my post "Khairy Jamaluddin in ISA?" where I mentioned that KJ would never be caught under ISA. KJ will not be caught under ISA, not because he did not have an opinion or stuff to say but rather because he is the SIL to the current PM. arjun should read the article again and see the angle I am writing from.

KJ will never be caught because he is UMNO. KJ will never be caught because he is not Opposition. So KJ will go on saying whatever he wants to say and nothing will be done to him. Make as many police reports as you want against KJ, yet no action will be taken. Remember, KJ is KJ and the rising star of UMNO young turks. His veil ambition to be the next prime minister at the age of 40 is an open secret so do you honestly think this bastion of UMNO young blood would be caught under ISA?

So arjun, read my article again and hopefully you will see my point. The hope now is for KJ to not be elected as the UMNO Youth head. Stop his rise and let's see justice take its place. It is only just that the one person who has had influence in the dealings of this country be made to pay for his misdeeds.

What is Justice in Malaysia?

Justice is when we have a government that returns back to what it was destined for - to care for Malaysians. But over the years, this BN government has set out to enrich a select few and elevate their own into positions of power. They ship-wrecked the economy by hiking up the fuel prices and then asking that we all change out lifestyles while they live off our tax-money.

Now, will I be caught for a Crime of Opinion? I don't know, ISA is a funny tool that seems to be selective in its implementation.


ISA for Crimes of Opinion

It seems the ISA is being used to detain and question any person who holds an opinion which goes against the current (insecure) government. Reporters, Bloggers, Opposition MPs and even Innocent Citizens are placed under this draconic act. What was their crime?

The Crime of Opinion.

Opinions deemed able to incite the populace to rebel or to induce fear among the populace. The latest case is another weird incidence where the ISA was used to question a SUARAM activist, Cheng Lee Whee, for making a report on the Johor Police website concerning the arrest of 27 people at Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah. Her report on the police portal was deemed able to caused worry among the populace and thus, the writer questioned. The odd thing was, why use the ISA? Isn't there a Sedition Act that can be used or is this simply a case of no case?

I believe Lee Whee did not commit any crime and thus she is uneligible to be questioned nor arrested under any law. So the police (wise folks these people) decided to use the ISA which can be used as long as the Home Minister sees it fit. The only crime Lee Whee committed was a Crime of Opinion. Whatever she wrote did not go down well with the Johor police and they decided to take action.

This is a worrying state of affairs for Malaysia. If the citizens are not allowed to voice out their opinions then why have a nation in the first place? The basic component of any nation is the citizen. It is the citizen who works and earn a wage which in turn is used to pay taxes that support the government. Those same taxes are used to provide wages for the police force and Ministers in office. Yet, the establishment seems to have forgotten that they are suppose to safe-guard the interest of the populace rather than their own interest.

What is wrong with a citizen reporting on the perceived abuse of power by the police force via official channels? It is not as if Lee Whee is going to organize a rally to drum up local support to criticize the arrest of these 27 individuals. Instead she posted her opinion on the Johor Police portal for all to see and evaluate. For that she was brought in for questioning under the ISA. This in itself is abuse of power by the Johor Police and Home Minister.

If there was a crime committed than please use the available laws and not the ISA. Allow Lee Whee her day in court to defend her report and seriously look at why people are not happy with the arrest of the 27 individuals. Why shoot the messenger? Read the message and allow the court of law to decide.

In this regards, the government (via the Home Minister) has seriously lost its case in the Court of Public Opinion.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Khairy Jamaluddin in ISA?

A MCA youth delegate called for the detention of Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) under the ISA and the fella is sticking to his guns. Alas, it may only be a call, small talk which would make the headlines now but forgotten tomorrow.

KJ would never be caught under the ISA, in fact it is near impossible for anyone closely associated with Pak Lah to be detained under the ISA. Look at Ahmad Ismail, he is still walking about with a 3 year ban from UMNO, when Najib was asked why ISA was not used on Ahmad Ismail, Najib replied that Ahmad had been punished already. So, all this MCA fella could see, if disciplinary action is taken against KJ, is a 3 year ban from membership and a lame excuse for not using ISA against KJ.

Understand that the ISA has now become a tool for those in the corridors of power to shut up whoever they deemed "too noisy". Take into account the SUARAM girl that posted the report on the PDRM portal. She was caught under ISA for making a report against the police. The police deemed it a danger to public order - yes, a report against the police is destructive to public order, only in Malaysia folks!

So the Incoming UMNO Youth Leader would never be caught under the ISA and he would have the liberty to spill out more words that are destructive to public order and peace. My hope is that Mukhriz would beat KJ to the post and put an end to KJ's narcissistic rise. And from the looks of things that may happen but we will never know until March 2009. KJ may just pull our the money bag and roll out the dole in order to gain the post.

So this MCA youth delegate can go screaming for as long as he wants, KJ will never be caught under ISA.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Irresponsible (incoming) Prime Minister

Will this get me into trouble? I think it will because going by track record, most people who written critically about him have been put into prison. ISA and all have been used and well I may even be strapped to C4 and made into fireworks.

The person I'm talking about is our Incoming Prime Minister (IPM). When asked about the accusations concerning the Altantuya case especially in light of the SMS messages that appeared on Malaysia Today, he merely replied by pointing out that Abdullah Badawi has commented on it.

"Was there any abuse of power?" The reporter asked.

"Oi, my boss already say, he thinks I am not the kind of guy to abuse my power," was the reply.

Having Abdullah Badawi answering for you is kind of cute in a way because then you are cleared of every charge without having to acknowledge or deny anything. How convenient, we all should do that or at least work for bosses like Abdullah Badawi. In truth this reply by IPM is really irresponsible. It clearly shows a leader who would wash his hands clean of any fault and point it at another guy. Childish behavior like this have no place in the highest office of Malaysia.

Abdullah Badawi believes he is incapable of abusing his power. This is what Abdullah Badawi believes in but it may not be the truth of the matter. If what we read in the SMS are true and if they show a non-abuse-of-power, then surely the state of our governance in Malaysia is so, so poor. Minister's can and will be involve in court cases or police investigations if it is detrimental towards them. Abdullah Badawi's statement and IPM affirmation of that same statement suggests that the actions of IPM in the SMSes should be expected of all our high-ranking ministers.

Why can't IPM answer for himself? Deny the allegations and tell the truth. Stop trying to hide behind other people or abuse the laws (ISA) and make your problems disappear (literally).

I see trouble times ahead with IPM in power. There will be increased persecution of people who bring out the truth in governance. Bloggers may end up cell mates with RPK and anyone speaking up against the establishment may find themselves turned into impromptu Roman Candles of the exploding kind.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Race Based Business Politics

Something our incoming Prime Minister said just makes you roll your eyes:

"Kerajaan tidak mahu perniagaan diuruskan berdasarkan soal perkauman," kata Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Oleh yang demikian, katanya, kerajaan sentiasa menggalakkan semua syarikat di sektor swasta supaya memainkan peranan membangunkan vendor tempatan, termasuk vendor bumiputera.

Source: Malaysiakini

On one hand you say do not manage business along racial lines yet you also ask corporations to give more incentives to bumiputra companies. So what are you really saying here?

In fact, business in Malaysia is so skewed it's almost impossible to run away from race based management. The way tenders are supposed to be awarded speak volumes to this fact. Bumiputra companies are given priority and this is the way things are done in Bolehland. And if one was to follow the rule book then these are the rules, one need to follow.

So if Najib does not want businesses to be managed on a race base platform then he has to remove all form of preference to a particular race. This way, the business scene will be open and the best business-man wins. In turn, only the shrewd and best in their area of expertise will survive and wouldn't this be good for the nation? But is Malaysia prepared for this?

In the same statement, Najib also asked corporations to help build up local vendors meaning Bumiputra vendors. So no management along race-based lines yet please help the Bumiputra vendors. See the contradiction?

It'll be interesting what would happen when Najib Razak is PM. We can only hope that this "British trained economist" would be able to bring a revival in the way business is done in Malaysia. As such we see, abuses and enrichment of a select few in the Malaysian business world. Projects are tendered and awarded in dubious ways (helicopters anyone?). Yet, the man at the centre of dubious military business scandals is now telling us how to do business.

Hey, if we pay attention we may learn how to gain millions in kickbacks without lifting a finger. So folks, listen to your incoming PM.


Our Leaders do not seem to be able to talk right.

Singapore announced it's anti-recession measures and just across the cause way our PM (Pak Lah) announced, "Hey, we're ok. We're fine. Everything is going to be alright!" Ok, he didn't say it that way, but it was to the same effect.

It was funny because I was expecting something along the line of, "The leaders are concern and are monitoring the situation. We will have the best interest of the people in mind and would put measures into place if the situation worsens. For now Malaysia is fundamentally strong...."

Hence, the problem with our leaders is that they lack communications skills to reach out to the masses. Instead, they probably only know how to talk to one another but not to the people who voted them in. So we get rather crude statements that are insensitive to the general populace. By right, there is something wrong in the economy, if not why would so many governments (richer than ours) prepare for the worse? Yet, our leaders seem to have care-free attitudes when it comes to real pressing issues, which affect the nation.

Instead, our leaders attention is focus on party elections and nothing else. Their own squabbling become news (we read this daily) while the whole world brace for a recession. Everything our leaders talk about is skewed for their own political millage. They lower themselves to say anything that would garner those votes, which would set them up for a lucrative life as a career politician. Honestly, would any of our leaders work for free? Working for the sake of the people of this nation, literally taking no pay but merely giving service to the people of Malaysia? Would they be willing to serve and only to serve?

I doubt it.

In times like this we need leaders who can motivate and encourage the populace. Leaders who can reach out with words that inspire and calm. Yet, we have slapstick comedians who stumble and flop over their own statements and at the end of the day people wonder whether their vote was really worth it. Don't you think so?


Monday, October 13, 2008

Utusan Malaysia is not equal to Islam.

Teresa Kok is suing Utusan Malaysia to the tune of RM30 million. It is a legal process when one feels that one's reputation has been tarnished by what has been written in a newspaper which commands a large readership. The newspaper can chose to defend itself or admit its mistake. In this case. Utusan Malaysia is putting up a fight and it's got backing from UMNO. Nothing wrong in that because UMNO is the owner of Utusan Malaysia (not directly) and has huge influence on the news reported in the said newspaper.

Today, it was reported in Utusan Malaysia that they (Utusan Malaysia and UMNO - Cheras Division) have set up a Tabung Azan to collect funds to help local mosques to acquire audio systems to facilitate the call to prayers. Nothing wrong in that because it is an initiative for the betterment of society. What doesn't make sense is the statement that it is also to help Utusan Malaysia counter Teresa Kok lawsuit because "the act of suing Utusan Malaysia is similar to an act of suing Islam."

Don't believe me? Read the front page of today's Utusan Malaysia.

Selain itu, tabung tersebut turut mendapat sumbangan sebanyak RM12,000 daripada individu-individu yang menjadikan keseluruhannya berjumlah RM32,000.

Jelasnya, setiap bahagian UMNO diminta memberi bantuan kepada tabung itu.

‘‘Ini pendekatan yang dibuat untuk membantu akhbar orang Melayu. Semua pihak seharusnya tidak mempertikaikan, malah menghormati perbezaan agama masing-masing.

‘‘Kita terpanggil apabila timbul isu ini. Tindakan Teresa yang mengambil tindakan kepada Utusan Malaysia sama seperti dia menyaman agama Islam,” ujarnya.

Source: Utusan Malaysia Online.

The Star reported on the same matter but they seemed to have watered down the said statement:

Kicking off the fund with a RM20,000 contribution, division head Datuk Syed Ali Al Habshee said the Tabung Azan would also be used to assist mosques and suraus that needed money to buy loudspeakers for the purpose of the azan (call to prayer).

“Teresa has challenged the honour of Malays by suing Utusan Malaysia as it is a newspaper owned by the Malays.

“Challenging the Malays is similar to challenging Umno,” he said in urging other divisions to contribute to the fund.

Source: The Star

So is Utusan Malaysia equal with Islam? If so, then does this mean any newspaper which is Malay owned is above the laws of the land? So a citizen who has been victimized by the writers of Utusan Malaysia has no means whatsoever to counter Utusan Malaysia.

It must be noted that Teresa Kok has denied her involvement in the allegations by Utusan Malaysia and the surau in question has also issued a statement which backs her up. So why does Utusan Malaysia and UMNO continue to pursue this matter? Why has this matter been turned into a Teresa against the whole Malay community when initially it was the (false) reporting by Utusan Malaysia that stated it?

It is clearly an attempt at inciting anger among the populace and one which is glaring. So where are the police in this? Why hasn't the writer of the article Azan, Jawi, Jais, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya, Mohd. Zaini Hassan, not been called in for questioning or better still put under ISA for reporting on a sensitive issue? Remember, the ISA was used against a reporter from Sin Chew last month. What difference does it make here?

Utusan Malaysia is not equal to Islam. Statements such as above, spoken at the UMNO Cheras division meeting and reported in Utusan Malaysia, does not help heal racial hurts. Instead, it continues to propagate the "Us and Them" mentality which stands to further fragment Malaysian society. Utusan Malaysia should be sensitive (themselves) to the feelings of Malaysians, plus division head himself should show more respect when making remarks during his speech.

The right to take to a fair trial in a court of law is for every citizen and should not be turned into a political banner by UMNO to garner the Malay vote. If the report is true, then let the court of law decide, if not then grant Teresa Kok what she demands and let it serve a lesson to Utusan Malaysia.

A lot has been said about bloggers spreading lies and half-truths but here we see a clear case of Utusan Malaysia not practicing Reponsible Reporting.


Friday, October 10, 2008

With all eyes on the UMNO elections, whose eyes are on the nation?

Do we give a dipstick on who would be the next UMNO president or VP? Does it really matter except the fact we kind of know, who the next PM and DPM would be since by pure default it has to come from UMNO? Does it really matter who gets the nominations to vie for the post (up for offer) in the coming UMNO convention?

In fact, if you really look at it; it doesn't really matter at all. When all eyes are turned to the squabbling of career politicians looking to secure their positions in UMNO, the state of the nation is not addressed.

Who is looking into the state of the country's economy? Who's going to put into place, safeguards to protect the populace when the recession hits Malaysia? While all these UMNOputra folks are squabbling over position and status, who is looking after you and me?

The American DOW JONES tumbled to its lowest level in 5 years yesterday. Governments in Europe are preparing bailout plans to save their financial institutions and these same governments are watching Asia. Markets all over Asia (and the world) are taking a tumble, Malaysia included. A few years back, Pak Lah used the KLSE as a barometer to gauge the health of the nations economy (that time we were riding high) and commented that Malaysia was moving along strong. Well, take a look today at our KLSE and with the current slide, the economy is headed for a heart-attack.

The economy is sliding down-wards yet the cost of living is going up. Why? Because the current BN government raise the price of fuel so drastically it took everyone by surprise. The populace cried foul but our BN MPs rubber-stamped the decision and told us to change our lifestyles. Was there not a decent brain in parliament at the time they debated the bill to increase the fuel price?

Raise the fuel price and traders will raise the price of goods. Simple logic, you don't have to be a "British trained economist" to know this. Then we get the announcement, the government will review the price of fuel on a month-to-month basis. They have since reduced the price of fuel twice and I'm expecting another price cut at the end of this month because the price of crude is hovering below USD90 per barrel.

Reduce fuel price but has the price of goods been reduced? No.

Even if the price of fuel returns to a point below RM2 per liter, the price of goods will remain where it is now. It makes pure business sense to keep it there. Business is about making the highest return on your investment, no business minded trader would want to lower the price of their goods when they are already making huge profits now.

So the BN government, in saving their subsidies, placed stress on the populace. Where is the rational in that? Did the BN MPs have that in mind when the bill was tabled in parliament after the fuel hike? So with Najib as Finance Minister and PM in waiting, will we see a reversal of all these "smart" economic decisions?

It seems a trend in Malaysia in recent years; if a Minister express discontent with a particular group then the police would investigate. This can happen even after the incident, then the police would step in, do some questioning and arrest a few people, and Minister happy, BN happy and people confuse.

HINDRAF would be investigated for unruly behavior at the Raya event the PM had last week. Question-why weren't any arrests made at the time of the offense? The police were there, the press was there and the PM was there, yet no arrest for "unruly" behavior. Why only now, a week after the incident, there is a call for the police to investigate HINDRAF and since when was "unruly" behavior at a Raya gathering threatening to national security?

This is a trend that needs to be checked and countered. It clearly shows the police agency under the influence of those in government positions and the directive seems to flow from these ministers. It should not be this way, the police have to investigate when there is clearly a crime committed and not on the perceived pretext that a crime was committed.

In the wake of all these things happening to our nation, the limelight is on the UMNO elections. Reading about who gets the highest nomination from the divisions is better than watching paint dry but what relevance does that have to me? I want to hear news about policies the government will put into place to counter the global crisis hitting our economy, which in turn will affect whether I can put food on the table. I want to know whether next year I can afford to put my kids into school as the cost of education steadily rise.

With all eyes on the UMNO elections, whose eyes are on the nation?


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Would a change in leader fix anything?

I'm being pessimistic. I don't really think a change in leadership would bring any good for Malaysia, if the leader comes from the same political affiliation as the past leader. Reason being? Same baggage.

Najib Razak will carry into his term the same old stuff Abdullah had to deal with and probably have the same support team also. Would this change anything? The same old gang is running the palace and the same practices will still be in place. Nothing has change. Everything is just as it was before. So whether Pak Lah leaves today or in March makes no difference. The same state of affairs will still be dominate over Malaysia. Our economy will be heading south, the people would still be facing bleak times and there will still be political chaos. It doesn't really address the root problem - poor governance at large.

The MPs should be allowed to lead by conscience and by party lines. The MPs should highlight the problems of the citizens living in their areas. Government policies should strive to better the lives of the people of Malaysia rather than enrich a certain group of people or party members. What is really needed is a change in governance style.

Can Najib bring about this? I really do not know. With the Altantuya case coming to conclusion, the results will no doubt haunt Najib not to mention the stigma that case has brought onto the Prime Minister in waiting. It will be Najib that has to face a bleak 13th General Election where the BN may finally be tumbled from its pedestal. At the rate the current government is going, BN may just be opposition after the 13th General Election.

Can Najib handle Anwar Ibrahim? Another case to watch for in the coming months after March 2009. It would be interesting if Anwar Ibrahim can install his government before March 2009 then all this wondering if Najib is capable can be put to rest and at least we know, RPK would be set free from ISA. I do not think Najib can handle Anwar Ibrahim. Left to his own devices Najib may be as weak as Pak Lah.

What we need is a leader who has fire in his belly. Someone who would grab Malaysia by it's collar and say, let's move on. Someone who can tell off the parliament. It should be a leader who inspires the populace to step forward and be counted. This is the leader we need and currently, I don't see that in UMNO.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raya visiting by Hindraf and Anwar's "Idol" Image

It's been an interesting Raya week, to say the least and its incredible how the smallest of things can be turned into an issue akin to the countries economic woes.

Firstly on the cards, Hindraf paying a visit to the PM's open house over at PWTC on the first day of Raya. Government Main-Stream-Media (MSM) has spun the incident into something way beyond what it should be. Utusan Malaysia even called for stern action against Hindraf for creating a ruckus at the gathering. The RPK fellas also where there along side their Hindraf brothers and they too took a lot of slack from the MSM. It is reported that various individuals and bodies have asked that sterner action be taken against these people, who are deemed as disruptors of a grand celebration.

So this whole issue has been blown out of proportion. Why can't, for the sake of national peace, this incident be downplayed? Raya visiting can also make the news and this incident with Hindraf has further cemented people's opinion that these guys are mere trouble makers.

Secondly, someone in Batu Caves decided to erect a large poster of Anwar Ibrahim and this has made headlines. Yup, a poster (for lack of a better name) can also make news. Apparently, it hit the news when the Mufti of Perlis called it an idol. PAS was quick to come out to say it is perfectly alright to have the poster and it's not an idol or carved image.

So the nation is heading for a hard time economically and we have our leaders fighting over Raya visiting and a large poster of Anwar. All these are mere smokescreen to the true state of the nation. The KLCI tumbled 14 points yesterday, markets around Asia are reacting to the US financial crisis which is underway now. If everyone is watching all these sensational news, then who is watching Malaysia?

Scanning through the news MSM is feeding the populace, it seems clear that they are trying hard to win back the trust of the people. News, nowadays, seem balance; just that BN gets all the front portion of the paper while news on PR gets a place close to the obituary.

Not all things are bad and should be politicized. Yes, I bet you the Hindraf folks would have never made the news if they did not identify themselves as being from Hindraf. The huge poster of Anwar may not have been an issue if it was an image of Pak Lah. So what really is the problem? Would a visit by Hindraf to a public open house be detrimental to the nation's security? Would a poster be detrimental to the believers of various faiths in Malaysia? So what is the issue?

Only in Malaysia!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Is Pak Lah leaving?

Everyone is looking forward to Thursday (9th October 2008) in expectations of Pak Lah making an announcement on his decision to defend is post as president of UMNO. Most analyst think it is very likely, Pak Lah would opt to not contest the presidential post, giving way to Najib Razak to assume presidency and eventually to take over as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Not all choose to believe Pak Lah would step down unless they see it happen for sure, Tun Mahathir is one of the "seeing is believing crowd" and to be honest, I count myself in that camp too.

Too much talk has been flying about these pass few months and nothing to show for. A lot of hot air yet nothing substantial that can really be attributed to walking the talk by those in high office of governance. To be fair this stance is also adopted by the PR camp too but then they are already up to their necks learning to govern five states and having the full brunt of the BN smear machinery going against them.

So the biggest question now - Is Pak Lah leaving?

It would be something Anwar Ibrahim would be watching for as long as Pak Lah stays in power the better it is for him. The case may be different if another person is in charge but for lack of better candidates, Anwar may have to contend with Najib Razak. But troubled men tend to gravitate to one another, I suppose. Both Anwar and Najib have skeletons out of the closet and in public view. Anwar being the worse of the two yet the big suspicion hanging over Najib over hte Altantuya case may tip the scale Anwar's way.

A friend said something to me, "I prefer a sexually weird person than a (suspected) murderer as PM."

Yet others may want to have Pak Lah stay on because rather than choose between a (suspected) Sodomite and a (suspected) Murderer, they rather have a Sleepy Leader.

Would it make any difference if Pak Lah leaves or stays? The same team is in place regardless of whether Pak Lah or Najib Razak is in place. The same policies and management norms would be carried through under the BN governmental style. In truth, we will still be stuck with the same problems with or without a new PM. Unless a radical change happens within the ruling BN, nothing good is in store and all this is purely a political play being stage out so there's something interesting to talk about over coffee.

Is Pak Lah leaving? We can only be sure until it happens.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Open Letter by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim to Pak Lah - Abolish ISA!

For those who have not read it yet, there is an open letter from Datuk Zaid Ibrahim addressed to Pak Lah asking the latter to abolished the ISA. I find Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's reasoning on the matter well thought out and an eye opener. It is very clear, the ISA has been abused by those in government in order to remain in power.

Here an excerpt of that letter that I find very interesting:

Pada 2001, aktivis-aktivis 'reformasi' Keadilan telah ditahan dalam satu tindakan yang kemudiannya diisytiharkan sebagai dibuat secara tidak betul dan tidak sah oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan. Penahanan berterusan mereka yang tidak dibebaskan lebih awal di pusat tahanan Kamunting hanya dibolehkan kerana ISA telah dipinda dalam cara yang meragukan pada 1988 bagi tidak lagi membenarkan semakan kehakiman dibuat ke atas arahan Menteri untuk menahan. Rakyat Malaysia dimaklumkan bahawa tahanan-tahanan ini telah cuba menggulingkan Kerajaan melalui cara-cara militan dan demonstrasi-demonstrasi liar.

Tujuh tahun telah berlalu sejak kejadian ini berlaku tetapi hingga kini belum ada sebarang bukti bagi menyokong dakwaan ini dikemukakan. Menambahkan lagi kekeliruan rakyat, salah seorang daripada mereka yang dikatakan "ganas dan militan" itu ialah Ezam Mohamad Noor. Inilah orangnya yang baru-baru ini disambut kembali ke dalam UMNO dengan sambutan besar-besaran, seolah-olah ianya merupakan satu kejayaan besar.

Source: Malaysiakini

Obviously, the BN government can decide how to label you depending if you are for or against them. Take the case of RPK, who claims trial yet is caught under ISA for being the most vocal blogger against the current establishment. What's worst according to Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the courts have no say in ISA detentions. Instead, the guy with all the power is the Home Minister. This minister can determine who gets detained and who goes off free. Yes, folks. The executive that is in charge of ISA is part and parcel of the government. Now, would this strong hand of the government ever use ISA against their own?

This is partly why, Ahmad Ismail, the joker that called Chinese "immigrants" was never detained under ISA for threatening the nations peace. It's an un-written rule - NEVER use ISA against our own people. You can use it against the opposition MPs, reporters and bloggers but NEVER against BN (or UMNO) guys who spew racist comments left, right, front, back and center.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is a brave man and I have gain immense respect for him. He made a stand and is now addressing Pak Lah and asking him to abolish this cruel tool of the government. Bear in mind, if Anwar Ibrahim comes into power and PR becomes government, this tool should still be abolished. It is a cruel tool that has no place in a modern democratic country.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, you have this bloggers two thumbs up!


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