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Monday, November 10, 2008

Anybody can become Prime Minister of Malaysia...if...

I am over-joyed that RPK is free from ISA. But I would not be too over-enthusiastic about the matter because I think the judiciary is testing the waters, to see how far they can stretch as the government shifts and turns to re-establish itself under new leadership. So don't count your eggs until they hatch, we never know what lurks in the minds of those bent on keeping their power over this fair country.

Last thursday, Pak Lah said something, which made me want to roll over and laugh. It was funny because it came out of his mouth and yet, also mind-blowing, it it ever happened.

He said, "Anyone can become Prime Minister."

This was in response to the news that Barack Obama had just been elected as President of USA. I wonder if Pak Lah really knows what he just said and what it really imply. For in order for anyone to become Prime Minister of Malaysia, they need to consider the following things:

1. The people do not choose who becomes Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The PM come from the leader of the biggest stake-holder in BN, UMNO. Traditionally, the PM is the President of UMNO. Who chooses the President of UMNO? The people of UMNO. Even then, the choosing process is not a direct members-cast-their-ballot process. Instead, divisions nominate candidates for the post which will then be decided at the UMNO General Assembly. But in recent years, there has only been a single nomination for President and he would just need to be endorsed. In effect, the people of Malaysia do not choose who becomes PM.

In fact, not even the Malays can choose who becomes PM. It seems the choice is passed down from President of UMNO to President of UMNO.

Unless, a direct vote is taken. No-one outside of UMNO can ever be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2. Racial based parties.

Will we ever see a minority-group individual become PM? It's an idea as crazy as expecting to see a Penan sitting in the seat of government. As it goes, seats in government are divided out among the parties and the political parties in Malaysia are race base. Let's use another term here, Ethnic-Group-Based (EGB).

The notion of race is a fallacy. Genetically, there are only three (3) races of humans. Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid.

We, in Asia, belong to the Mongoloid race. From this root we are then divided into Ethnic-Groups. It is these ethnic groups that band together to form the political entities we see now. But as society becomes more lax towards each other, we find more individuals crossing their ethnic lines and the border of differences between ethnic groups become blur and non-existent. If that can happen on a human level, why can't it happen on a political level, especially in Malaysia?

Unless, political parties stand along non-ethnic lines, we will never see a minority becoming PM of Malaysia.

3. Pleasing the minority at the cost of the majority.

The majority here is the rakyat. The minority are those who sit closest to the seat of governance. It seems the trend in Malaysia is to keep those closest to you or at least those upon whose shoulders, you stand on, happy. You award contracts and whatever to keep them happy. At the expense of the Majority.

It amazes me, that Malaysian taxpayers (90% who are Chinese) are paying for a dis-service. Taxpayers money is being used to fund the pockets of the minority that sit within the confines of those in the seat of governance. Unless this is dealt with, there will be no-way just anyone can be PM. Cronyism and Nepotism need to be dealt with if ever anyone has a chance to become PM.

So those are my thoughts on this matter. It is something I hope for, maybe not in my generation but I hope possibly in my children's generation. What do you think?


kennhyn said...

there always hope.....hope for the best, prepare for the worst....cheers!!!

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