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Friday, March 27, 2009

New PM, Same Old Problems.

I took a long break from writing, primarily to focus on other matters in my life and also because looking at the current state of Malaysia, one would end up blogging about the same matter every week. Anyway, for those who have been wondering where I have been, well; I'm still here. And I'd like to put in a little two (2) cents bit on the UMNO General Assembly.

A new PM will step up and this is a most undemocratic step up. It is a PM by consensus, namely the President of UMNO will be PM of Malaysia. He was not voted in, neither were the other members of Malaysian society (namely non-UMNO) consulted or allowed to take part in the voting. Wait, for the presidency there was no voting...right, everyone kind of opted to save the trees by not printing ballot papers for president and just step up whoever the previous president said was good for the post.

So we'll have a new PM by next week. Still new PM but same old problems. PM-to-be spoke about eliminating corruption from the party polls. I think I heard the same speech last year and the year before. Same problem seems to appear every general assembly. Then there was that call to have more representation from the grass-roots in electing their leaders.

Currently, about 2500 delegates cast votes. PM-to-be wants to introduce a new system to elect the UMNO leaders. Sounds good but it would mean the rewards for votes would be slightly higher.

Talking about delegate votes. The PM-Son-In-Law won the delegate votes eventhough it was clear Former-PM-Son won the popular vote. So it shows, even if the grass-roots support you, it is still the delegates that determine the victor. The voice of the 3 million UMNO members can be stifled by 2500 who stand in as delegates.

Come next week and we'll see the new PM strut his stuff as he face three(3) by-elections which I am sure BN must win as a gift for the incoming new PM. Yup, new PM, same old problems.


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