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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A win is still a win by any other name

Penanti is a win for PKR and honestly, BN should just keep quiet and be the gentleman. But BN being BN, had to say something and it is not surprise that the two top BN leaders in Malaysia had to say something.

A win is still a win. All because BN did not contest doesn't mean the win is empty or hollow. Instead, BN chose not to take part in the election citing a million and one reasons but the obvious - if BN took part, it was a sure lost. So BN did not take part and when PKR won, BN turn sore losers. True, the voter turn out was low but it doesn't mean people did not want to vote PKR, it just means people did not turn out to vote. If BN was so sure that the people who did not come out to vote were BN-supporters, why then did you not field your candidate? At least, it would have cut the majority by half or PKR may not have won at all.

Whatever statement that comes out of the BN camp, after the Penanti election, to me are statements from sore-losers. They should keep quiet and concentrate on managing this fair country.


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