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Monday, March 1, 2010

Malaysia should only have TWO political parties to accomplish 1Malaysia.

The PM has called for all to accept our differences and to celebrate Malaysia's diversity. It is a call to move forward from just being tolerant and to acceptance. It must be noted that at the beginning of the nation's creation there was a sense of acceptance of the nation's diversity, yet it was politics that changed everything.

PETALING JAYA: Total acceptance of Malaysia's diversity - that's what we need to move forward, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said Malaysians should move from being merely tolerant to accepting fully the country's rich cultural and racial diversity to become united, harmonious and prosperous.

"We started with the paradigm of tolerance. We say that we tolerate or we live in a society which is tolerant of one another.

"But under the concept of 1Malaysia, being tolerant of each other is just the beginning," he said at Sin Chew and Guang Ming Daily's Chinese New Year open house yesterday.

Source: The Star Online.

In order for acceptance to truly take root in Malaysia, first and foremost; the political environment needs to change. All race based parties should be abolished and instead Malaysia should have two parties, Government and Opposition.

Whoever holds goverment, has the right to call themselves the Government and the other group shall be called Opposition. Should the Opposition take government, then they would be called Government and the previous Government will be called Opposition.

Makes life easy, doesn't it?

A change in politics is the way to go, if Malaysia is to truly move forward and be a society of acceptance and not mere tolerance towards one another. And that means, we all need to be open to the idea that the world comprises of people from different backgrounds, and that everyone has equal rights to pursue success in whatever field they choose.

No one ethnic group should be push aside in favor for another, instead equal opportunity should be given and allowed for. Then truly, we would be able to accept one another.

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