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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Politics of Silence - kill the messengers

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has chosen to remain silent in a literal sense. He refuses to see anyone and has not been in contact with his wife, family or friends. As reported by Malaysiakini:

Malaysia Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin - presently in jail for refusing to pay bail - has refused to have any contact with anyone including his own wife, Marina Lee Abdullah.

Source: Malaysiakini

RPK's choice has to be respected. If it really his choice that he wants to remain in prison until the trial date in October, then we should respect that choice. History records that passive resistance brought independence to the nation of India and it was through the sheer effort of one man - Mahatma Gandhi.

Both Mahatma Gandhi and RPK are messengers and in both cases the empire tried or is trying to break their resolve.

In fact, I believe it is safer for RPK to remain where he is. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see him release but then in the free world of Malaysia, anything can happen. So by being in prison, if anything happens; the blame is totally on the authorities. RPK is smart and I believe he would have thought of this, besides it carries his message across loud and clear. He will allow the courts to take it course and not try to side-step or twist it to meet his needs.

Let the courts decide and no matter what the outcome; Najib looks bad.

Even if Najib takes over from Pak Lah, he does so with the image of RPK hanging over him. What a way to start your term as PM, when the people are just waiting to push you out.

It seems Najib has step on another blogger's toes namely Tun Mahathir. In a press conference, Tun mentioned that right after the 12th GE, he asked to see Najib to discuss matter concerning the election. Najib promptly replied that he had to ask permission from Pak Lah. Obviously, permission was not given as Najib never met up with Tun Mahathir.

Here is what Tun Mahathir had to say about UMNO:

"Parti apakah ini? Anda tidak dibenar mendengar dari satu sumber. Saya fikir ia kerana kekalahan dalam pilihanraya lalu. Rakyat tidak dibenar bercakap dan pucuk pimpinan tidak tahu apa yang difikirkan oleh rakyat," katanya.

Source: Malaysiakini

So now Najib is helmed in from both fronts, the people of Malaysia and from Tun Mahathir. If Tun Mahathir decides to extend his criticism of the establishment to include Najib, fireworks are in store. Would Tun Mahathir be told or made to shut-up?

The old tactic of Silencing the messenger clearly did not work here. The more this government tries to suppress the voice of the people, the more they move towards imploding. As they strive to shut-up their critics, the closer the noose of their demise tightens until they have no-one else to shoot but themselves.


Anonymous said...

We women are so proud of Raja Petra, who’s championing justice for women; and his dear supportive and strong wife and family! He’s one brave MALAYSIAN, human being and a true one at that! We hope more Malaysian males will be as brave to defend justice for women in this sorry nation-state, especially with the increasing crime rate against women, particularly rapes and sexual murders! And more so when such crimes are committed by people in power who are supposed to protect the rakyat or anyone else for that matter, for the sake of justice!!!!


Maclean Patrick said...


RPK truly is a champion. lets stand by our man and see this through together.

D_Dollah said...

Right! Najib, if you read this comment, please arrest Tun Dr. Mahathir. That is a Seditious remark by Tun against No. 1 and you! Yes, you!

His comment could bring disharmony to the country by giving impression that we are a police state!

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