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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Rule of being Bias

Don't pee into the wind. Yup, I heard that one before and logically speaking you shouldn't do it. Neither should you attempt to throw sh*t at a ceiling fan. Not good, not good.

The RULE of BEING BIAS - what I do, you cannot do.

So when Karpal Singh made his thoughts known concerning the role of the Sultan of Perak in the appointment of it's religious department head, some people went bonkers and decided to act as defenders of the crown. A clear case of "If I do it, it's ok but if you do it, cannot!"

So when UMNO was up in arms with the Sultan of Terengganu, is was spun as if UMNO was the defender of the people. Heck, they even protested during the Mentri Besar swearing in and called the Sultan of Terengganu names.

The head of UMNO should be caught under the Sedition Act 1948 for inciting his followers to revolt against the Crown; for the Sultan of Terengganu is the Agong of Malaysia.

There is now a police report against the PM for his role in that sad incident, as reported by Malaysiakini:

Pemuda PAS yang diwakili setiausahanya Ahmad Sabki Yusof pula berharap orang Umno tidak mempolitikkan isu Karpal.

"Mereka ini jangan main politik. Imbas semula perlakuan mereka (di Terengganu).

"Lihat bagaimana Adun-adun Umno yang terang-terang menolak pelantikan (Ahmad) yang dibuat Sultan. Ini menunukkan sikap berpura-pura pemimpin mereka.

"Mereka mendakwa kononnya memperjuangkan kedaulatan Raja-raja Melayu. Sedangkan mereka juga mempertikaikannya," katanya.

Source: Malaysiakini

Will the AG act against this? Because it was clear that UMNO supporters and their leaders were members of the crowd, holding up banners and shouting against the Crown. And while we are at it, why was the protest allowed to take place in the first place? Isn't it illegal, in Malaysia, to have protest rallies or do the police suffer from amnesia when it comes to the ruling government, doing stuff that's unlawful?

The sad truth is, there will always be a bias stand by the ruling government. Being bias and unfair is a sign of immaturity. It shows, that one is incapable of fighting in a level playing field and we see this a lot in our current government. They refuse to allow others to up-step them so they start repressing and putting people down. But when it comes to their own behavior, they close one eye to it and say everything is alright.

Would the police and the AG act against the PM? I don't think so. The rule of Bias in Malaysia always sides with the one in power.


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