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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No News unless its political

There is hardly any news in Malaysia unless it's political. Don't you agree?

It can be said that Malaysia is a land of the politician. Almost every aspect of life is controlled by the whims and fancies or statements of our politicians. Our politicians dictate what we read, hear, see and almost to a great degree, what we eat, drink and indulge in. Not to mention that funny fella who stated that those with AIDS should not be given the choice to marry (he has since retracted that statement).

When there is nothing political to report, our news becomes really boring stuff. Our whole economy is driven by political news. The local mamak store or kopitiam would not thrive if we did not have those "professional political analyst" who sit around, all day, drinking their coffee. Business as usual if there is political news floating about.

So come 2009 and we are in for a great 3 months of sensational political news. Namely, the row within PKR would be exaggerated while the tranquility of the UMNO change of guard would be carved into legendary status. Politics in Malaysia is a contrast of the evil Opposition versus the eternal BN-Government. This epic struggle is great for newspaper vendors, helps sell papers and keeps local television relevant. Hopefully they don't plaster news in the cinema, even if they feel it would add value now that there is this idea to bump up the price of a movie ticket.

Where are the human stories? What is Malaysia, without the politics? I'd like to know.


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