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Friday, February 6, 2009

So who is playing the frog game?

So what happened to the idea where there should be a ruling for "political frogs"? Much like everything else in Malaysia, if BN is the one doing it then it is alright but if anyone else does it...then it's downright sinful.

BN is just better at the game and they sure pulled out their joker in Perak. The government can call the Pakatan Rakyat sinners while BN hide their sins and still get away smelling like a saint.

So the drama would be long and straining for Perak as the power struggle continues and in the midst of it all, the people of Perak suffer. Malaysians suffer as the political game continues while the real issue of governing the nation takes a back seat. Have we all forgotten that the world is currently dealing with the worst financial crisis ever? And here we are, still squabbling over the spoils of a war played out by greedy politicians.

When will Malaysia seriously look at getting its act in place?


Gagaukon said...

Everything is sinful in the eyes of the bn govt.. should call for fresh election, but remember Sabah in the 90s, same story... la la la

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