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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who is looking after our welfare?

We have been subjected to a deluge of silliness unheard off, these pass few weeks. This country is caught in an endless tug-of-war for the right to govern. And in all this noone is really listening to the people. Do we need to pull off a "People Power" movement in order for the government to hear us out? Do we need to sit in KLIA, ala Thailand government toppling movement, and force this government to listen to us?

The whole clock and dagger scenario which we are caught in should be put away and our elected representative start the process of looking after the welfare of our people. I can imagine the scene in parliament, where everyone is looking over their shoulders, wondering if they will be the next to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Our government is so caught up in this spiral of political intrigue that it has lost focus to what it should be doing, looking after the citizens of this fair nation. These are the people who have taken the choice to make this country great. The one's sitting in the August house are merely governing, but it is the citizens who make up this nation. It is on the shoulders of the everyday citizen that this nation is stand upon. It is the normal day citizen that suffers from this downward spiral of governance.

As a citizen of Malaysia, I would want a nation that is strong and stable for my children. I would want a strong economic environment where my children can seek a secure financial future. I would want an environment where knowledge is freely available, so my children can gain a fair education that allows them to express themselves to be the best they can be.

Stop the politics and start looking after the citizens welfare.


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