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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Political Police

It is funny that whenever our politicians do not agree on anything, they make a police report. Take Perak for instance when the House Speaker suspends its members from doing their duties. Is the suspension a crime? Is suspension of a politician a cause for investigation by the police? This is funny indeed and far more funnier being that the PM was the one advising the BN fellas in Perak to make police reports.

So can the rakyat make police reports to say that their elected representatives are not doing their jobs? That these MPs have been squabbling over petty issues since March 8th and the rakyat have been suffering all along because of their irresponsible actions.

Can the Pakatan Rakyat make a police report on the disobedience of the BN representatives who question the power of the House Speaker?

No wonder our police force is over burdened with cases. Most of the cases fall outside their jurisdiction, yet due to the politicize nature of Malaysia, they have to entertain the powers that be.

The Perak government should just have fresh elections. What is BN scared about? If the people are behind the BN then surely fresh elections will solidify BN's hold on Perak. Or is the case otherwise? Is BN really afraid that Perak would grant PR greater footing into Malaysian governance? For all signals seem to point this way, that the threat of PR winning Perak completely is real...very real.

Right now, Perak is a confused state. Who is the government of Perak? For all you know it, the very people who would decide this may just be the police.


Anonymous said...

haha, how come Malaysians did not think of what you think?

What you wrote is in fact very true.

Outsider's views are always true.

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