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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't SMS me, I don't want to be raped

I am surprised at the level of intelligence that our men in blue have. I have nothing against the Police force in Malaysia, a few of my relatives are hard working police-personnel but I can't say much about their leaders.

Hence the following remark made by a high ranking police head in Kelantan:
Kelantan police have recorded a 20% increase in rape cases with most of the victims being under 16.

“We are very concerned with the casual lifestyle adopted by the teenagers who use the short-messaging system (SMS) to interact with their friends,” said state deputy police chief Senior Ast Comm (II) Tuan Amiruddin Hamzah.

“As a result parents find it difficult to detect any immoral activities by their children,” he said at the state level celebrations to commemorate the 201st Police Day at the state police contingent headquarters.
SMS is my primary mode of communication with my family and friends. It's convenient and a hell a lot cheaper than calling people. So, I'm propagating casual living and so do the 21 million or so Malaysian who own a handphone.

It is a sad thing but I see this news report by the MCA owned Star as being another thing than merely a report on rape and "super-smart" policemen. It specifically named Kelantan which has been governed by PAS for the pass 18 years. It specifically mentions that the rise is evident in victims under 16 years old. In a way, it paints a picture of Kelantan as being wayward even when it is the most Islam of states in Malaysia. I think this is wrong.

Rape cases cannot be specifically pointed to a political environment neither onto religious affiliations. Rape is rape. An act of human evil that transcends religious, political and ethical lines. 

What the police should do is not to point out the mistakes of the victims but rather what are their measures in countering the rise. Have the police taken off rapist from the streets? What is the percentage for other states?

Another thing, victims are raped by someone they know and in most cases it's an evil family member. It does not necessarily mean it is a friend from outside. So SMS friends does not mean one will be raped. This seems to be implied by Tuan Amiruddin Hamzah in his statement above. So what then?

Should telcos be held responsible for allowing a casual lifestyle to creep into Malaysia? I can hear the telcos reeling in pain. Can I then sue the telcos for causing hurt to a love one because they were actively SMSing?

So scrapping SMS services would in turn reduce rape cases? Idiotic as it may seemed but who knows, the police need all the help in the world to reduce rape crimes.


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