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Monday, March 24, 2008

Take care of your house before telling people what to do?

I'm amazed at the events unfolding in Terengganu. For days the Malaysian-State-Media (MSM) have been lambasting the opposition for its (seemingly) lack of coherence in deciding the state government of Perak and here is an example of it happening in the ruling party.

Get real-la! So protesting against the Terengganu regent's choice is not considered dis-respectful towards the palace? Instead words such as, "It's the will of the people" had been used to describe the turn of events where UMNO MPs are boycotting the swearing-in-ceremony of the new MB. In fact they are saying it is un-lawful since the fella has been given the boot by the party.

Things are seriously going out of since it clearly shows that politics in Malaysia is not about what the people want but rather how much I can make. All these people are protesting because their guy is not in the main seat purely because it affects their money-making schemes. Much like a reverse Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scheme, the top line feeds the down-line. The top-line needs to be on your side to make money.

So that probably could explain why 20 over grown men (elected MPs) decide to hit out against the regent of Terengganu's decision. They were probably shock when there sure-win-way-to-riches was cut short.

These turn of events also show the level of confidence the monarchs have in the PM's choice of leaders for the state. Twice we see that the monarchs have turned down the PMs choice and installed their own choice. Bear in mind, the current Agong hails from Terengganu and that in itself shows (in unseen ways) the state of mind of the King of Malaysia towards the PM.

It's time to step down, Mr.PM.


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