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Thursday, March 27, 2008

UMNO please respect the Monarchy!

The following picture which appeared in Malaysiakini is proof enough that UMNO has no respect for the monarchy in Malaysia, neither do they have any respect to His Royal Highness; who has the right to 'fire' the PM is he so choose.

And the current PM, Abdullah Badawi is head of UMNO. So it's a case of then subject rebelling against his boss.

UMNO has shown itself to be such sore-losers since March the 8th. In more ways than one they have resorted to biting anything and anyone that pricks their fancy. They are reminiscent of the local school bully who finally realized that the geeks are not only smarter but way better than them. So what do these bullies do? They do what is natural to them, bite back. Under the guise of being the 'better' person they hit out. They do not play fair, pulling out every trick imaginable to cause harm onto their perceived enemies.

The same behavior was evident in Penang and now clearly seen in Terengganu. It makes you wonder the level of intelligence of some of these politicians. The more they hit back at the people who voted them, the greater the resolve of the people to see them removed. I would not be surprised, if come the next election; all of UMNO reps in Penang would be removed. 

Terengganu may just as well be handed over to PAS. The BN administration is only interested in the 1 billion ringgit in ehsan money that Terengganu is getting from the federal government while the people of Terengganu are the 2nd poorest in Malaysia. The 1 billion is not going to the people but is lining the pockets of a select few. No wonder the current Agong, who is also the Sultan of Terengganu, is upset.

So UMNO really needs to just shut-up and sit tight. Gain the respect of the people, prove to the people that they genuinely want to help the people and just move on. Stop issuing funny statements such as schools in the five (opposition) states should not invite local ex-co members for ceremonies in the school. Only government administrators are allowed to be invited.

Hello? Isn't the government of the day the administrators too. So whether you are opposition or not, you're a government administrator. Wouldn't it just be better for the federal government to just come clean and say, "Don't invite the opposition politicians to your school", rather than cook up half-baked reasons to justify your own bitter-ambitions?

UMNO is not the government, the people form the government and whoever the people choose is the government.


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