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Saturday, March 15, 2008

PM step down! Tun Mahathir's son sends letter.

Finally, someone with enought balls has called upon Abdullah Badawi to step down as PM of Malaysia. Yesterday, Mukhriz Mahathir sent a letter to Abdullah Badawi calling on him to take full responsibility for the massive lose for BN in the previous general elections and to step down.

In typical I'm-falling-asleep-fashion Abdullah Badawi left it to someone else to make the decision on what to do with Mukhriz. Why can't he himself (as Prime Minister) make a decision on what to do?

Clearly this sets the stage for a showdown within the UMNO party ranks. One side that is opposed to Abdullah and the other holding up Abdullah. Those opposed would most likely rally around Najib Razak, the current Deputy Prime Minister, to take over the helm. Najib would have the backing of the previous PM, Tun Mahathir and all those aligned to Tun Mahathir. Whereas on the other side of the fence, you would have the Abdullah die-hards rallied together by his son-n-law Khairy Jamaludin.

It would be interesting to see if the other component parties within the BN would also call for Abdullah's resignation. MCA and MIC were totally humbled during the last general election while Gerakan was made irrelevent. If the component parties call for Abdullah's resignation, then surely he will have to leave.

If UMNO were to sack Mukhriz, it would give enough resolve for all opposing parties to launch an all out war to remove Abdullah Badawi thus Hishammuddin has a tough decision to make. To remain relevant Hishammuddin has to support the current head of government if he wants to see his own wish to see Khairy Jamaluddin removed. If he decides to sack Mukhriz, he'll been seen to have aligned himself to Abdullah's camp thus removing himself from the picture if ever Abdullah is removed. If he decides to merely reprimand Mukhriz, he would be seen as a Tun Mahathir supporter thus allowing Khairy Jamaluddin enough ammunition to launch a bid to have him removed from the Youth Presidency post.

Such is the play within UMNO circles. Interesting fodder that would never make it into the mainstream media. Lets watch and see who has the balls to speak against Mukhriz. I'm sure it would surprise everyone.


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