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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are we getting what we are taxed for?

Just how much do our ministers make? And is the amount really value for money? Think about it. Our ministers and elected reps to parliament are paid out of the rakyat pockets. Tax money is used to fund their services and what nots. So by right, the ministers work for us and shouldn't the rakyat have the power to sack ministers who do not do their work?

Malaysiakini gave a glimpse into the entertainment allowances our ministers get:

Ketika ini, elaun keraian sebulan perdana menteri adalah RM18,865, timbalannya (RM15,015), menteri persekutuan (RM12,320) dan timbalan menteri (RM6,000).

Source: Malaysiakini

A 10% cut would mean, PM is short RM1,886.50, Deputies RM1,501.5, Federal Ministers RM1,232 and Deputy Federal Ministers RM600. Total amount saved is RM2 billion.

Does this really show our elected reps really have a heart towards what the rakyat are facing? It doesn't even dent their salaries. Why not 50%? Besides entertainment allowances DO NOT affect work performance. By right if there were no entertainment allowances, the ministers could still do the job, wouldn't you think so?

So why not lead the way and show the people you care? Rid all entertainment allowances, use local cars, pay your own utility bills, fuel bills and all not WORK related allowances.

Why can't our ministers go to work using the LRT or bus? The Mayor of London goes to work by foot and subway. Because to him, any excess money spent is at the cost of the people. He is to serve the citizen of London and not to be served. Can our leaders live up to this or do they expect pampering from the rakyat?

As a tax payer, I want to see my tax money be channeled to the places where it is really needed. I want to see better public utilities, better roads, better schools, better houses for the poor and a more efficient civil department. Why can't these things be implemented?

Is it wrong to say that being a minister in Malaysia is all about self-gain and position? There is no thought to serve the people or to safe guard the welfare of the society; instead it is all for self-gain. The monetary return of being a top official in government is high but can our ministers say that they would forgo all such monetary perks to serve the people?

I am amazed with the attitude of our government officials in the face of the fuel hike and the coming spike in living cost. They should share in the pains of the rakyat because where would they be if the rakyat did not sacrifice their vote or pay their taxes?

Really, are we getting what we are taxed for?


Anak Perelih said...

and Najib said "Ministers are 'already underpaid'"... darn....

CHee XtheMan said...

We get nuts and a bunch of Umno idiots and lier

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