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Friday, June 20, 2008

We lost confidence in PM since 2005.

A sinking ship will always be a sinking ship, no matter how you spin it; the ship will sink and the person who normally sinks with the ship would be the captain. Yup, the captain would sink with the ship. So in Malaysian politics, the ship is sinking and the captain chooses to ignore the signs and probably pass the captain-ship to another and get them to sink with the ship. Smart move by this shrewd captain.

Malaysiakini reports Ku Li as saying UMNO has lost its credibility:

A push from within ruling coalition Barisan Nasional for an unprecedented no-confidence vote against the premier shows the leadership has lost all credibility, a senior ruling party figure said.

Source: Malaysiakini

Yes, UMNO has lost its credibility among it's fellow BN component parties. No matter how it is spin, the ship is sinking and someone would have to sink with it. A few days ago, we heard talk that Najib would take over and then came news of SAPP no confidence vote against Pak Lah. A no confidence vote against Pak Lah is also a no confidence vote against UMNO and the blow came from one of the king-maker states - Sabah. Sarawak would definitely be watching this as they hold the other half of the coin that could make or break the current ruling government.

How timely. Najib would inherit a ship destined to sink and with all that's hanging over his head; he'll probably sink with it.

The slide of no-confidence in Pak Lah can be traced all the way back to 2005. Yes, after a resounding victory in the 11th GE, Pak Lah made promises, which till today remains unfulfilled. 2005 also marked the emergence of favourite-Son-in-Law, the fella that irked Tun Mahathir so much.

Since then everything has been fire-fighting all the way. UMNO grew pompous and so did their fellow BN component parties. They forgot who they were serving and treated ordinary Malaysians like little kids they can bully at the playground. Yes, Malaysians were bullied and we fought back the only way we knew - through the ballot box.

The lost of confidence in Pak Lah since he trumped himself into power in 2004 was a steady slide. His rhetoric just did not sink in any more and finally, the BN component parties are speaking up and it had to come from east Malaysia. Don't expect the semenanjung parties to do this, no they are too stuck up in butt-kissing that they don't have the balls to do anything except take a dive with the sinking captain. The east Malaysian parties now hold court and this is our time to take the helm and show the other fellas how to run the show.

Let's see who would follow through with SAPP. Would a Sarawakian party send a no-confidence notion to the ruling government? Let's wait and see.


johnny cheah said...

No lah, they got no balls. Better to kow tow to the UMNOputras and let the people in Sarawak suffer. Important thing is that they got a share in the spoils. Do you like to join them. You can be rich beyond your imagination

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