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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Post-hike debates, lipstick bans, silenced media. We're so screwed!

Why debate about something that has been done? SHOULDN'T the debate be done before you make a decision? And you know what folks? The whole debate about the price increase of fuel had nothing to do with meeting the needs of the rakyat.

Instead it was clearly a show of who can win the most votes. Yes, the BN MPs voted for it and won convincingly while the Pakatan Rakyat fellas all voted against it. It wasn't a vote to help the rakyat, instead it was merely a motion to see who could win bragging rights in parliament. A "stick it up your ass" move to see who had more clout than the other.

So why debate after the price hike? Don't our elected leaders know that it is harder to reverse a decision than it is to not decide in the first place? Did we have a chance in hell to have the price hike reverse? It was merely a blanket move to save face. When our elected representatives (MPs) decided to 'endorse' the price hike, it also should mean that we all (the rakyat) agreed towards the price hike. But it is not the case. I for one, do not agree to the price increase but who listens to a small voice like me?

I would not want to sell lipsticks in Kelantan, I'll go bust. How quick for the council to say that it is not a ban but rather 'nasihat' (advice) to women working in their premises. Malaysiakini reports:

Bergincu dan berkasut tumit tinggi sehingga mengeluarkan bunyi tidak dilarang kepada pekerja Islam, jelas Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu-Bandar Raya Islam (MPKB-BRI).

Etika berpakaian itu hanya sekadar nasihat yang tidak diperkuatkuasakan dalam peraturan di bandar itu, jelas pengarah perhubungan awamnya Azman Mohd Daham hari ini.

Source: Malaysiakini.

So wearing lipstick and high heels can lead to rape? Come on, that's the best they can offer? It's like saying, over-usage of cell-phones would cause brain cancer. What were these guys thinking, no wonder they have Sisters In Islam fuming. Women in Malaysia are independent and capable citizens. Heck, there are more women in universities in Malaysia then men. In the coming years, it will be the women who would rise into prominence in any given field in Malaysia so please don't insult them with petty rulings that serve to merely highlight the fact that men are lustful creatures. If the sight of lipstick and the sound of high heels turn them on...Malaysian men have serious issues.

And what's up with the media blockage in parliament? This is probably the most stupid decision you can make in terms of public relations. You should be nice to the media and then they'll be nice to you. Right now, the current government has lost a lot of brownie points with the media. Somehow I just feel the guys over in parliament have just shot themselves in the foot by banning the journalists from having full access to elected MPs. Information (no matter how bias) should reach the masses and we want to hear it straight from the horses mouth when it's still breathing hot. Not some stale vomit from the official mouthpiece called Bernama.

I'm in total awe of these people's pure lack of foresight and their incredible level of stupidity.

More than 100 journalists are staging a boycott after the Parliament administration cut media access to the building’s lobby and barricaded the area.

Source: Malaysiakini

So let the boycott begin, let them know that the will of the people cannot be stifled by silly things like lipstick bans or media blackout. It's high-time that debates should be done BEFORE any major move rather than after, because after would mean that you have side-step the rakyat and the debate is merely a rubber-stamp exercise for bragging rights to see who score more points.

Folks, we're screwed and screwed BIG time by the people who are suppose to govern us. Can you honestly say, you have confidence in this government?


Ahmad said...

I completely agree with you we are so screwed. Im sure have heard about the bad of credit cards at petrol station. this is another effect of the price hike. Honestly, there is no point to debate about it after it has taken place. Just shows how stupid they are. NO wonder why half our of scholar and intelligent and overseas educated Malaysian refuse to come back. Might as well serve our people and community if your goverment/community don't care about us.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the rest of us left behind Malaysians, have no where to go....other than to be pushed around !!

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