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Monday, June 30, 2008

You Screw me, I Screw you. Don't we love the word SODOMY?

Forgive me for the title but I couldn't help it. Nowadays, it's laughable that politics is all about "screwing" your opponents. If the ballot box cannot "fix" the problem for you, then just get the police to catch someone from your camp and allege SODOMY. Yup, the word is back in the news. SODOMY. For the next couple of days, everyone will be talking about this word. Forget the normal, lover-lover relationship that can get explosive (that's so old news) but here we have a coffee-boy aka Mole-Boy, telling the police my employer "did it" to me.

So the old ideas from 1998 are being rehashed to get Anwar Ibrahim and the main players are the police. According to the RPK head, this is in response to his allegation that he has proof to show misconduct during the 1998-1999 trial by the Head of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan dan the nations top judge, Tan Sri Gani Patail.

Abdullah Badawi was quick to release a statement that the BN government had nothing to do with this sordid affair. But denials are not good enough for the general public who have grown to distrust the government institutions such as the police, justice system and government controlled media. So this current affair merely would strengthen the belief of a conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysiakini reports that Anwar Ibrahim is now holed up at the Turkish Embassy for fear this latest move would not only kill his political life, it would actually kill him.

Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kini sedang mendapatkan perlindungan di Kedutaan Turki di Kuala Lumpur.

Bercakap dalam satu sidang akhbar, Naib Presiden Azmin Ali mendedahkan Anwar berbuat demikian demi keselamatan dirinya.

"Beliau telah dihantar ke sana sejak jam 6 pagi tadi. Tidak siapa pun yang boleh menziarahi beliau kecuali isteri dan anak-anaknya," kata Azmin.

Source: Malaysiakini

What does this mean for Malaysia?

We are seeing slip-up upon slip-up and in truth it reveals the state of politics in Malaysia. It is a messy thing and all the players are shady characters. Can we honestly believe the rights and wrongs in all these things? Because regardless whether these allegations are proven, the people that would suffer are the rakyat. We suffer because of our choices. We put in a vote, in a process that is suppose to be good.

The "democratic" election process has failed us, giving us a government that is flip-flopping about. A government that is loosing the confidence of its people by the day. A government that can't safe-guard the safety of its people-haven't you noticed the number of hard-core crime has gone up since Pak Lah took over? A government that has reduced it-self to political bickering in the halls of legislation (barricading newsmen, name-calling MPs, etc) when the real issues are not dealt with.

When all these things are flying about and the sale of newspapers go up and the number of hits to politician blogs hit the ceiling. Real issues are not addressed. While the current government struggles to stay in power, when the police is tainted and the justice system is crumbling; the real issues are left in the back-room.

What happened to the corridor projects that are suppose to spurn economic growth in the various states? How will the government (realistically) reduce the high living cost of the rakyat? With the recent government approved price hike, the number of poor people have increased, what steps have been taken to reduce this number? The plight of the rural folks in Sarawak, fighting for their lands, which get stripped by government approved logging companies. Who's looking into that?

Malaysia is heading in a downward spiral. The system of government is failing us. The popular leaders are being tainted by those that are helplessly trying to cling to power and at the end of the day, we all get screwed. The nation has lost it's stature as being one of the most progressive country in South East Asia. Instead, we've become the laughing stock of the international arena because we stick stuck in SODOMY issues and a government, so confuse with itself and totally out of control, it has cease to function like a government mandated by the people to run the nation.


Anonymous said...

Bring out the mattress again and check if the stains are from an elephant. Only an elephant can cause that guy's asshole like minced meat and land in hospital.

The foolish things in the world will be shamed by God. Only the righteous will inherit His Kingdom.

amoker said...

You are right. We are putting so much time to so-do- me and you. Look at the limited planning time for other more important matters, that is whey we keep on getting flip flops.

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