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Friday, June 6, 2008

No discussion done, no protest allowed but fuel hike allowed!

Was the fuel hike intention ever discussed in parliament? Was the notion of reducing the fuel subsidy brought before the representatives of the people? Did we ever have a chance in hell to put our opinion forward concerning raising the fuel price?


And it will stay this way unless and until this current government is replaced with one that is truly people-friendly. Thrash the idea that the people are given the chance to be heard. The only time the rakyat is needed is when election is round the corner and even then, we are told, that we only can vote one way. Heck, even the election is rigged so only THIS particular government wins. But we showed them didn't we and we need to continually show them who the boss is.

So, we take to the streets and guess what, "Where is your police permit?" Get a permit? We all know no-one could ever get a permit unless it happens to be people from BN but then they all support Pak Lah and that means they all support the fuel hike. So forget about them to think about the people.

Malaysiakini reports on the street protests:

Timbalan ketua polis negara Datuk Ismail Omar, dalam kenyataan hari ini berkata, berdasarkan maklumat hasil risikan polis, terdapat beberapa pihak sedang merancang mengadakan siri demonstrasi di beberapa lokasi di seluruh negara.

"Tujuan demonstrasi ialah untuk membantah kenaikan harga petrol dan diesel. Di sini saya ingin menegaskan sebarang perhimpunan perlu mendapatkan permit daripada ketua polis daerah," katanya.

Source: Malaysiakini

We can afford to keep the subsidies as mentioned by Tun Mahathir plus by comparing ourselves with oil-producing countries, RM2.70 is the highest price for fuel. The government compares our prices with non-oil-producing countries.

Why compare a car to a stool? Venezuela charges RM0.16/litre to its citizen. So please tell me where the heck did this government get its math education? We can sell fuel cheaper to our citizens and that should have been the way to go. Sure lift the subsidy and sell fuel direct to our citizens.

The only reason I can see why our fuel prices is pegged to the world market price is because we buy the fuel we export.

Meaning we sell our fuel out, it gets processed and then we buy it back. Get my point? That's the only reason why the price is tied to the world market price because we buy it back at market value. Far-fetched idea but it makes sense to me.

So let's keep protesting because we never had the chance to voice our opinion before the fuel hike so it's logical we voice it after the hike. Does this government expect its rakyat to keep quiet when our very lives are affected by such a stupid move?


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