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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't start fires we cannot fight!

Would changing the government change anything?

You see changing governments would not stop the rise in oil prices. Changing government would still keep the price of goods in the top selves of things. Fix income earners like government servants will feel the thrust of the sharp knife called inflation. Economic factors does not know government.

Changing government would not change the economic state of our lives. It's the State of the government that change the economic state.

A government, which is able to manage change of policies, the financial standing of the country and well-being of the rakyat, is a government who knows what they are doing. It plans well and manage well.

Pak Lah's government seems to be fighting fires as they set it. Pak Lah says he would ease the pain of the rakyat, as reported by Malaysiakini:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today reiterated his stand that he would introduce measures to ease the pain felt by the people as a result of the recent fuel price hike.

Source: Malaysiakini.

Didn't they think of this before the raise the fuel price? Or is this just the way the current government handles matters. Fight the fire as you set it?

It seems this government is unable to think beyond the immediate tomorrow. The rebate idea seems good for the day but in the long run it would in suck us dry. The monetary rebate seems good at RM2.70 but would it stay the same when the fuel price hits RM4.00? Would the rebate amount go up in tandem with the fuel price? At the end of the day, all the savings from the subsidy-cut would be pump back to paying off rebates.

Why not this...float the price of fuel. Drop all subsidies but,

1) Rid all road-taxes, keep the insurance but rid the tax.
2) Rid all toll payments.
3) Improve public transport.
4) Introduce reusable energies. Equatorial country but how much solar energy do we use?

Drastic changes, yet if Malaysians are resilient, we could weather through this. This is the time we should be creative and look for ways to counter our dependence on fossil fuels. Change government, sure why not? But first lets not start fires we have to fight.


Anonymous said...

1. Why dont the PM implement all contracts on open tenders ? This can save the countries billions instead of putting them into his cronies' hands.

2. Why dont he scrap the APs ? The billions goes again to few cronies' hands. It could have been used for the fuel subsidy.

3. Why dont he sell his private plane ? Thats will save another few hundred millions.

4. Why dont he buy only Proton for all Ministers and all the Govt staff that is entitled to cars/ That also will save a lot of money.

5. Why dont he open the Petronas's books if he has nothing to hide?

6. Why dont he scrutinised the IPP and toll agreements to see if they smelt of any corruption? These companies are making so much money without any tenders.

I am tired of writing of so many other things he can do...question is he sincere from the day he came in? Talks on the ground is that his SIL is among the richest man in this country, so how can we trust him when we are all suffering?

Anonymous said...

Hunting the Dumb Orang Minyak/Moron

Consumer affairs minister, Shahrir Samad says there were no direct subsidy from Petronas???

What are these oil subsidies??? This is a hoax story to hoodwink the general public on the believe that there are the purported subsidies. There are no subsidies only a hoax to cheat the Malaysian masses. Every & All crude oil producing countries allocate a percentage of their production for domestic consumption and the balance for export to earn foreign exchange. What is this, Malaysian Petronas, the nett producer & nett exporter of crude oil, talking of the oil subsidies??? Look at Brunei & Saudi Arabia and the many more crude oil exporting countries do, both and all are nett producers & nett exporters of crude oil, there are no changes in the prices at their pumps for both petrol and diesel despite the whopping Crude Oil prices now reaching US$139/- per barrel, they are all enjoying boom and boost to their State Coffers with the greatest windfall of all times with record foreign reserves’ balances and also a boost to their economies, so why are we seeing the reverse in Malaysia??? There is obviously mismanagement of the funds from the power that be. Where are the windfall profits for Petronas gone to from the nett exports before or after being handed over to the Government??? A royal commission should be formed to investigate where have all the profits/funds earned from the exports had gone to???

Remove this deadly cancerous dumb orang minyak/moron, throw out that rotten tyranny!!!

It is the right time that this grossly rotten, corrupt and incompetent flip flop tyranny called big flop dumb orang minyak moron that remove the hoax fuel purported existed subsidies to hike petrol & diesel prices & increase the electricity tariffs should also be removed… & to accomplish this, all & whoever, MPs from both BN or Pakatan Rakyat, it is your call now and as all the people of Malaysia are firmly behind you to remove this dumb rot. Cannot imagine that a nett producer & nett exporter of Crude Oil has to do this, look at all the other crude oil nett exporters, there are no increases of prices of Petrol & Diesel at their pumps as both & all are nett producers and nett exporters of Crude Oil and they are now enjoying a boost to their state coffers & economies with a whopping windfall in oil prices of the current US$139/- per barrel that earned them huge foreign exchange reserves from their Crude Oil exports. But in Malaysia the reverse is true as there is no boost to the economy, but only sadness prevailed because the foreign exchange reserves from Crude Oil nett exports earned are poorly managed or badly mis-managed and no one knows where all the profits over the years had gone and we are saying a (large chunk of) the 700 or more Billions earned had disappeared and there is no accountability by the tyranny dumb orang minyak/moron power that be. Otherwise, we will be having a boom time, our state coffers will be flushing with cash/gold bars and a great boost to our economy and we should be celebrating and why that stupid dumb bloke orang minyak/moron is projecting gloom at this wonderful time. All the monies earned by Petronas must have been woefully squandered & cheated by this dumb orang minyak/moron or unless otherwise the Petronas'President & CEO Datuk Hassan Marican must have badly mis-managed the said windfall earnings by selling our Malaysian sweet crude forward at poor miserably low prices and buying low grade crude oil at a hefty high prices now for our local Malaysian consumption thus making losses instead of whopping windfall profits??? If this is the case all Malaysians including those unborn ones have been betrayed by this cancerous dumb Orang Minyak/Moron who has caused all these serious crimes, anarchies, chaos and inflations beyond comprehensions owing to the greed & mis-management by this cancerous corrupted power hungry dumb Moron/Orang Minyak who intended to stick to power beyond his welcome!!!

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