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Monday, October 20, 2008

Khairy Jamaluddin in ISA?

A MCA youth delegate called for the detention of Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) under the ISA and the fella is sticking to his guns. Alas, it may only be a call, small talk which would make the headlines now but forgotten tomorrow.

KJ would never be caught under the ISA, in fact it is near impossible for anyone closely associated with Pak Lah to be detained under the ISA. Look at Ahmad Ismail, he is still walking about with a 3 year ban from UMNO, when Najib was asked why ISA was not used on Ahmad Ismail, Najib replied that Ahmad had been punished already. So, all this MCA fella could see, if disciplinary action is taken against KJ, is a 3 year ban from membership and a lame excuse for not using ISA against KJ.

Understand that the ISA has now become a tool for those in the corridors of power to shut up whoever they deemed "too noisy". Take into account the SUARAM girl that posted the report on the PDRM portal. She was caught under ISA for making a report against the police. The police deemed it a danger to public order - yes, a report against the police is destructive to public order, only in Malaysia folks!

So the Incoming UMNO Youth Leader would never be caught under the ISA and he would have the liberty to spill out more words that are destructive to public order and peace. My hope is that Mukhriz would beat KJ to the post and put an end to KJ's narcissistic rise. And from the looks of things that may happen but we will never know until March 2009. KJ may just pull our the money bag and roll out the dole in order to gain the post.

So this MCA youth delegate can go screaming for as long as he wants, KJ will never be caught under ISA.


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