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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Irresponsible (incoming) Prime Minister

Will this get me into trouble? I think it will because going by track record, most people who written critically about him have been put into prison. ISA and all have been used and well I may even be strapped to C4 and made into fireworks.

The person I'm talking about is our Incoming Prime Minister (IPM). When asked about the accusations concerning the Altantuya case especially in light of the SMS messages that appeared on Malaysia Today, he merely replied by pointing out that Abdullah Badawi has commented on it.

"Was there any abuse of power?" The reporter asked.

"Oi, my boss already say, he thinks I am not the kind of guy to abuse my power," was the reply.

Having Abdullah Badawi answering for you is kind of cute in a way because then you are cleared of every charge without having to acknowledge or deny anything. How convenient, we all should do that or at least work for bosses like Abdullah Badawi. In truth this reply by IPM is really irresponsible. It clearly shows a leader who would wash his hands clean of any fault and point it at another guy. Childish behavior like this have no place in the highest office of Malaysia.

Abdullah Badawi believes he is incapable of abusing his power. This is what Abdullah Badawi believes in but it may not be the truth of the matter. If what we read in the SMS are true and if they show a non-abuse-of-power, then surely the state of our governance in Malaysia is so, so poor. Minister's can and will be involve in court cases or police investigations if it is detrimental towards them. Abdullah Badawi's statement and IPM affirmation of that same statement suggests that the actions of IPM in the SMSes should be expected of all our high-ranking ministers.

Why can't IPM answer for himself? Deny the allegations and tell the truth. Stop trying to hide behind other people or abuse the laws (ISA) and make your problems disappear (literally).

I see trouble times ahead with IPM in power. There will be increased persecution of people who bring out the truth in governance. Bloggers may end up cell mates with RPK and anyone speaking up against the establishment may find themselves turned into impromptu Roman Candles of the exploding kind.


Anonymous said...

Now a days politic is we agreed together and we do alot of shits, if anyone blow it open then as agreed I cover your shit and you cover my shit. So that is what happen my boss say I am clean, my boss apologize for me already.

Anonymous said...

Even if the IPM speaks the truth, will anyone believe him?

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