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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Would a change in leader fix anything?

I'm being pessimistic. I don't really think a change in leadership would bring any good for Malaysia, if the leader comes from the same political affiliation as the past leader. Reason being? Same baggage.

Najib Razak will carry into his term the same old stuff Abdullah had to deal with and probably have the same support team also. Would this change anything? The same old gang is running the palace and the same practices will still be in place. Nothing has change. Everything is just as it was before. So whether Pak Lah leaves today or in March makes no difference. The same state of affairs will still be dominate over Malaysia. Our economy will be heading south, the people would still be facing bleak times and there will still be political chaos. It doesn't really address the root problem - poor governance at large.

The MPs should be allowed to lead by conscience and by party lines. The MPs should highlight the problems of the citizens living in their areas. Government policies should strive to better the lives of the people of Malaysia rather than enrich a certain group of people or party members. What is really needed is a change in governance style.

Can Najib bring about this? I really do not know. With the Altantuya case coming to conclusion, the results will no doubt haunt Najib not to mention the stigma that case has brought onto the Prime Minister in waiting. It will be Najib that has to face a bleak 13th General Election where the BN may finally be tumbled from its pedestal. At the rate the current government is going, BN may just be opposition after the 13th General Election.

Can Najib handle Anwar Ibrahim? Another case to watch for in the coming months after March 2009. It would be interesting if Anwar Ibrahim can install his government before March 2009 then all this wondering if Najib is capable can be put to rest and at least we know, RPK would be set free from ISA. I do not think Najib can handle Anwar Ibrahim. Left to his own devices Najib may be as weak as Pak Lah.

What we need is a leader who has fire in his belly. Someone who would grab Malaysia by it's collar and say, let's move on. Someone who can tell off the parliament. It should be a leader who inspires the populace to step forward and be counted. This is the leader we need and currently, I don't see that in UMNO.


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