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Friday, October 24, 2008

Much ado over Bollywood

Is it really a big deal? Or merely our politicians trying to raise a storm in a teacup?

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) getting a datukship can be a good thing taken in a positive note. The guy does have influence and that influence can be turned into tourism ringgit. So why the sudden call for Malacca to retract when not only Malacca but the whole of Malaysia can benefit from the influence of SRK?

I like what Tun Mahathir wrote about this matter in his blog. It's clear and simple to grasp, clearly showing why Tun initiated this move to attract Bollywood to Malaysia. Tun had vision and a far-sight strategic plan to put Malaysia in the eyes of the world. Sadly, none of the current MPs share this ability to see into the future for the good of this nation. Yes, we may not like Tun but you can't help notice, he is a statesman above all the rest. His mind still clear even when he walks in his 80s.

So give SRK his datukship and encourage more people to visit Malaysia. The tourism ringgit would help move the nation's economy, translating into income for those in the cottage industries (souvenirs) and local eateries. Isn't that what the government should be doing - spurring the growth of our nation's economy?


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