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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Leaders do not seem to be able to talk right.

Singapore announced it's anti-recession measures and just across the cause way our PM (Pak Lah) announced, "Hey, we're ok. We're fine. Everything is going to be alright!" Ok, he didn't say it that way, but it was to the same effect.

It was funny because I was expecting something along the line of, "The leaders are concern and are monitoring the situation. We will have the best interest of the people in mind and would put measures into place if the situation worsens. For now Malaysia is fundamentally strong...."

Hence, the problem with our leaders is that they lack communications skills to reach out to the masses. Instead, they probably only know how to talk to one another but not to the people who voted them in. So we get rather crude statements that are insensitive to the general populace. By right, there is something wrong in the economy, if not why would so many governments (richer than ours) prepare for the worse? Yet, our leaders seem to have care-free attitudes when it comes to real pressing issues, which affect the nation.

Instead, our leaders attention is focus on party elections and nothing else. Their own squabbling become news (we read this daily) while the whole world brace for a recession. Everything our leaders talk about is skewed for their own political millage. They lower themselves to say anything that would garner those votes, which would set them up for a lucrative life as a career politician. Honestly, would any of our leaders work for free? Working for the sake of the people of this nation, literally taking no pay but merely giving service to the people of Malaysia? Would they be willing to serve and only to serve?

I doubt it.

In times like this we need leaders who can motivate and encourage the populace. Leaders who can reach out with words that inspire and calm. Yet, we have slapstick comedians who stumble and flop over their own statements and at the end of the day people wonder whether their vote was really worth it. Don't you think so?


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