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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is Justice in Malaysia?

It's great to receive comments on your blog. You feel like you have contributed to the bigger body of knowledge by allowing people to post their views and (hopefully) generate meaningful discussions. There have been times in my blogging life (since 2003) where some people have not been happy with my postings and even at one time a reader threatened to sue me for a comment posted by another reader.

But I must say something to arjun who graciously commented on my post "ISA for Crimes of Opinion". He made a reference to my post "Khairy Jamaluddin in ISA?" where I mentioned that KJ would never be caught under ISA. KJ will not be caught under ISA, not because he did not have an opinion or stuff to say but rather because he is the SIL to the current PM. arjun should read the article again and see the angle I am writing from.

KJ will never be caught because he is UMNO. KJ will never be caught because he is not Opposition. So KJ will go on saying whatever he wants to say and nothing will be done to him. Make as many police reports as you want against KJ, yet no action will be taken. Remember, KJ is KJ and the rising star of UMNO young turks. His veil ambition to be the next prime minister at the age of 40 is an open secret so do you honestly think this bastion of UMNO young blood would be caught under ISA?

So arjun, read my article again and hopefully you will see my point. The hope now is for KJ to not be elected as the UMNO Youth head. Stop his rise and let's see justice take its place. It is only just that the one person who has had influence in the dealings of this country be made to pay for his misdeeds.

What is Justice in Malaysia?

Justice is when we have a government that returns back to what it was destined for - to care for Malaysians. But over the years, this BN government has set out to enrich a select few and elevate their own into positions of power. They ship-wrecked the economy by hiking up the fuel prices and then asking that we all change out lifestyles while they live off our tax-money.

Now, will I be caught for a Crime of Opinion? I don't know, ISA is a funny tool that seems to be selective in its implementation.


Anonymous said...

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