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Monday, August 25, 2008

13 reasons why BN can win Permatang Pauh.

BN has a fighting chance to win Permatang Pauh for very simple reasons:

  1. Pakatan Rakyat got lazy and the people of Permatang Pauh can't see beyond the present day,

  2. RM200 is good enough to get my vote for BN, cause I can buy groceries and drink coffee after that,

  3. EVERYTHING Najib Razak promised for the Chinese and Indians will be fulfilled including giving scrap metal licenses,

  4. I believed everything EZAM said about Anwar, not withstanding the fact he really bitter he didn't get all he wanted in BN,

  5. I believed everything SAIFUL swore about even when the whole swearing ceremony is turning out to be a scam,

  6. I totally believe that BN has got it's act together after the 12th General Election and we're going to see better days,

  7. The IMMEDIATE fuel decrease had nothing to do with Permatang Pauh,

  8. The Government will not give a BONUS to the 1.2 million civil servant if Anwar wins, even when civil servants are suppose to serve the CURRENT government and not BN,

  9. EVERYTHING the main stream media said about Permatang Pauh was true even though Khairy Jamaluddin has a holding stack in Media Prima which has a hand in ALL main stream media you get on television,

  10. All the BN ceramah was well attended which means people of Permatang Pauh are throwing their support behind BN,

  11. The voters of Permatang Pauh DO NOT MIND waiting another 5 years until the 13th General election when they'll hear the same promises BN promised them for the by-election,

  12. Permatang Pauh voters DO NOT LIKE change, so staying with the status quo would mean things would get better,

  13. and Permatang Pauh voters just DO NOT LIKE Anwar Ibrahim.

So you think you have more reasons?


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