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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friend or Foe? Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim

It would be interesting to see the body language of these two tomorrow when Abdullah Badawi deliver the budget speech. Primarily because both Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim are from the same era. Both have served under Tun Mahathir and are no strangers to each to other. They may defer on policy but the two once shared the same camp together during Tun Mahathir's time. No doubt there is no ill blood between them as seen by Anwar's statement in his first press conference after being sworn in as a MP this morning.

Tomorrow would be doubly interesting as Anwar Ibrahim is no stranger to budgeting, Malaysian government style. He was the former finance minister before his in-famous sacking by Tun Mahathir so he would be keenly listening to what Abdullah Badawi's government can offer the people of Malaysia for the coming year.

Anwar Ibrahim is also a better orator compared to Abdullah Badawi and maybe better than anyone else in the house. Anwar is capable of tearing apart the arguments thrown at the opposition by the BN MPs. It would be interesting to see what he has to say about the budget. I am sure Abdullah Badawi would be feeling quite uncomfortable having Anwar Ibrahim stare down at him in the house.

It would be interesting. Anwar may still see Abdullah as a friend outside of politics and I think the respect is mutual but what would the other BN MPs think? I am sure some would feel a bit guilty for slandering Anwar when he was outside of parliament, easy to do when Anwar was at a distance. Now, Anwar sits under the same roof as they do and facing up to the man would be something that would rile them. Shame on them!

It will be interesting indeed. Anwar and Abdullah Badawi under the same roof, staring at each other. I wonder if they would share a round of tea together?


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