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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Government that Practices Double Standard.

The recent Bar Council Open Forum to discuss the plight of Muslim converts has drawn it's fair share of comments from both sides of the political spectrum in Malaysia. The BN government (as always) oppose any kind of discussion that would under-mine the religious equilibrium in Malaysia while the Pakatan Rakyat is going into damage control as one of its own was the head huncho in leading the demonstrators.

Ambiga Sreenevasan (Bar Council Chief) is facing possibility of being a victim of the Internal Security Act:

It was an ironic finale but nevertheless fitting when Bar Council chief found herself answering questions on the possibility of being put away under the Internal Security Act after hosting a forum on one of the country's most oppressive laws

Source: Malaysiakini

It's regrettable that Ambiga is threaten with detention under the ISA when such detention should also be extended to the ones leading the demonstrators. I thought a short while ago, the government was against any form of demonstrations? So why the meek response (from the authorities) to the demonstrators who stormed a peaceful open forum, shouted abuse at the participants and threaten to resort to violence if the forum was not closed?

Why wasn't Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin (the head huncho) placed under detention for leading an illegal gathering and demonstration? Why go after just one party when there are others who show total disregards to the rule of law and order?

The BN government practices Double Standards and it is rotten to the core, just ask Tun Mahathir. He had a lot to say on his blog on how rotten UMNO is. With a government so rotten to the core, it is almost with certainty that people like Ambiga would be made to pay while jokers like Zulkifli would walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Pak Lah, the so called "Leader for All Malaysians", has issued a statement that he disapprove of sensitive forums. "Don't hold forums relating to race and religion," he says. Yet we all know this is not true. Such forums are held and approve only if it pushes the government agenda and works to the governments advantage. Pak Lah is not a "Leader for All Malaysians", a leader would foster dialogue among his under-lings. He would be fair to all, not under-mining those from his own camp but also being benevolent towards those not of his camp.

Double Standards are a way of life with the BN government. It is what has kept them in power all this while yet I hope Malaysians would wake up from their slumber and make a push to replace the current government with one that practices what it preaches and one that would look after its people. Replace all the career politicians who are merely warming the seats of parliament with those that would really work for the people.

There should be only one standard, meted out to all Malaysians and it should be one where all are treated equal and fair.


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