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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Avril Lavinge not good enough for Malaysia

I listen to a wide variety of music and personally in Malaysia we do have a lack of support and opportunity for the building up of local talent. It's even more depressing when international talents are barred from performing in Malaysia. The latest case being international pop star Avril Lavinge. At first there was a go ahead given for the concert and then due to protest from some quarters, it was eventually cancelled.

Several questions come to mind.

Firstly, if it was approved in the first place, shouldn't that mean it had passed all the requirements set by the Malaysian government? Instead, we have third party bodies protesting it on the grounds, it would bring about decadence among the youth of Malaysia. Heck, the youth are already listening to her music and it's being played over Malaysian radio, so why the protest? They say she is not "good" enough for the Malaysian public. Obviously, pointing towards her image rather than her talent. But showbiz is showbiz and the image does not necessarily reflect the true personality or character of a person.

Secondly, does Malaysian have a moral police? Meaning, it seems certain groups are acting as moral police who determines what I see or hear. To me Avril is mild compared to some of the local acts I see around me. Or does the image of a young woman, in full rock gear not to mention the fact she is also a mother, singing on stage strikes fear in the protesting groups? What gives?

Music is neutral, the rest is open to interpretation.

So I find it pretty stupid that my choices are decided by a group of people whom I have not entrusted in making those "moral" decisions. It is indeed a sad state for the Malaysian entertainment industry.


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