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Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysian bloggers vs the BN government.

Malaysia-Today has taken the bullet from the BN government, yet you can't keep a good man down so Raja Petra has moved it to another location that by-passes the government-controlled-kow-towing ISPs. Is Malaysiakini going to be next? Or will bloggers fall like dominoes in the wake of a cyber "Operation Lalang"?

Looking at the parliament, we now have more active bloggers joining it. Anwar Ibrahim has a blog, Lim Kit Siang has been blogging for ages, Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua and a host of other MPs have a presence on the internet. Forget the BN lame attempt at joining the blogosphere since they are hesitant at being labeled as monkeys. A term the BN government used against bloggers before the 12th General Election.

But the BN government lost because of the monkeys in a lawless jungle.

So now the BN government is bent on sending these monkeys the way of the Dodo. Malaysian jails will not be housing the robbers, rapist or murderers but bloggers. Yes, the robbers, rapists and murderers will be plying their trade on the Malaysian streets while the police round up the bloggers and dump them into crowed prisons. This is the state of the Malaysian BN government now, paranoid at the prospect of loosing their grip on power and resolving to putting their critics into prison.

Stupid and ridiculous because there is no way for the BN government to stop bloggers. It is akin to cutting telephone lines and telling people to resort to using carrier pigeons for their messaging needs. Remember, it was the government under Tun Mahathir that opened up Malaysia to the Internet and now the government after Tun Mahathir is resorting to clamp it down. There is really something wrong in the minds of our ministers who agree that this is the best course of action to take in the wake of their defeat at Permatang Pauh.

Sore losers!

I say, go ahead. Clamp down on bloggers and independent news providers or the alternative media. Go ahead, round them up, put them into prison or slap court charges against them. Go ahead and see what would happen. The people will take to the streets to demand justice, the people would un-subscribe from using the services of ISPs who kow-tow to BN government pressure, the people would stop listening to government propaganda channels such as RTM and TV3. The people would take matters into the own hands and come 13th General Election, the BN government would be relegated to a sentence in our history books. Heck, it could happen as early as 16th September if Anwar Ibrahim follows through with his plan.

I say, BN government go ahead with the clamp down and you will see a fight between Malaysian Bloggers and you. The winner has been decided, the results were seen during the 12th General Elections. Bloggers won and pushed your 2/3 majority out of the window, bloggers exposed your wrong doings, bloggers shifted the mind-set of the people. Bloggers can do it under the pressure of everything the BN government threw at them and who says bloggers cannot survive a clampdown now?

And may I suggest that they also investigate the comments and postings on BN blogs or blogs by BN MPs because they also have seditious and "hot" issues. Look at the WHOLE Malaysian blogging community, not just the opposition blogs. Some of the most racist comments are found on pro-UMNO blogs. Why aren't they investigated and brought to court? You tell me.


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