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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There is no Freedom in Malaysia

It seems rather high-handed when the Home Ministry publication control and Al-Quran division deemed it upcoming editorial on Permatang Pauh outside the context of the publication's permit. The mere mention of Permatang Pauh has sent shivers up the Home Ministry and they have thrown their weight onto the Herald. The ironic thing is, the Home Ministry has yet to read or see the editorial according to the Herald's editor, Father Lawrence. Furthermore, according to Father Lawrence, the editorial is asking Christians to pray for a just and fair by-election.

What's wrong with praying for events affecting the country? And why jump the gun?

It shows that the BN government is getting jittery and they are going out of their way to maintain control over an explosive situation.

Suppressing the Herald, in the said manner, is in itself bad for Malaysia. Would the Home Ministry act the same if the editorial was in favor of the BN government? Would they still argue along the line the the publication should only talk about religious matters and not political matters if the Herald wrote about BN?

Is there fear that a small publication with a reach of 12,000 could have an impact on the by-election?

It is a mockery of freedom, when the Home Ministry quench news reporting the way they do here. It is a subtle form of blackmail. Forcing publications to write according to what is favorable to the current BN government. But all is not lost, by restricting permits in such manner, publications are force to move to alternative media outlets such as portals and blogs to have their views aired.

Main Stream Media (MSM) have become mere apparatus of the ruling government to spread their propaganda whereas alternative media has become the voice of the common man/woman. It will be in cyberspace where Malaysians can truly be free to express themselves and this cannot be controlled.

The Home Ministry needs to wise up and understand that in the Malaysia of today, religion and governance are so intertwined there is no separation from each other. If the Herald wishes to comment on an upcoming by-election, than let them comment because there is nothing wrong there, for any Islamic publication would comment about it sooner-or-later, so would action be taken against them too? I don't think so.

Remember, this government practices Double Standards.


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