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Friday, August 29, 2008

Budget 2009 - will we get what we want?

All I want is for things to be cheaper and life a little easier. Is that too much to ask for? But this government is bent on spending my tax-money on stuff, which makes no sense. Why not plow all the tax money into lowering the cost of fuel? Wait, if they do that then there will be no left-overs for some cronies to eat from. Our tax money is being used to feed the jokers whom lead government.

Forget the one month bonus, it will help nothing. Instead, increase the basic pay or introduce minimum wage. Up the salary scale and this will help the fix income earners in the long run. Up-lifting the lives of 1.2 million civil servants would spill over to the private sector. Increasing the income of civil servants would pump money back into the market, moving local and generating business for local businessmen. It would also be a relief for banks who suffer when money lies stagnant in bank accounts.

All I ask for is to have more money in my pocket and it should be channelled in directly. Not via rebates or hand-outs but directly through tax-cuts, low cost of living or lower contributions to the EPF. It is all I want, more money and I believe all Malaysians want this yet the government has been so caught up in itself, it has failed to see this.

Don't expect much from the Budget for 2009. I suspect it would just be a reactive budget. Trying to fix fires yet not moving anything forward.


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