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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abdullah Badawi should start blogging.

There is a reason Malaysiakini is the top news portal in Malaysia. People have just had enough of bias government-centric reporting by the main stream media. Too much sugar coated news reports that at times border on pure fiction (too good to be true). It's almost like what happens in North Korea where the Great Leader is treated as a demigod.

Another point is that Malaysiakini appreciates the contribution of bloggers to nation building and in creating an atmosphere of un-bias reporting. Malaysiakini encourages bloggers to voice out their opinions and view points.

Abdullah Badawi should start blogging and telling us what he thinks rather than spend time lambasting bloggers, YouTube and new media. The bias reporting of Main Stream Media (MSM) is also to blame for the BN's poor showing in the last General Election so it is the MSM that need to be struck on the head not bloggers, YouTube or New Media.

As the world move towards an open society where information exchange is critical and essential, the BN government is still with the mindset that such information should be control and regulated. How do you control and regulate public opinion?

Pak Lah, stop talking and just start blogging and engage the millions of Malaysians who go online everyday. Engage them and understand what they have to say. Not all bloggers are out to get you, furthermore not all bloggers give a hoot to BN's political drama.

The main reason, millions of Malaysians turn to New Media and to blogging is primarily because they want to be heard yet there is not channel in the real world worth putting your story to. Would the MSM report on the top executive misconducts? Would the MSM encourage investigative reporting where NO-ONE (BN & PR included) is spared?

Start a blog, Pak Lah and engage the rakyat. If Saiful can walk right into Najib's house because Najib is concern for the young lad, what about Pak Lah? Even if we can't walk into Pak Lah's house, maybe we can drop a comment on his blog which is the next best thing.


crower said...

1. Pak Lah has to try stay awake in order to start blogging.

Anonymous said...

I thot he has a blog called 'warkah untuk PM' or shomething like that.

wat happened to it?

-anti pak lah-

aziz said...

Start Blog? Dia nak ON OFF computer pun dia tak tau. Kan lebih elok duduk diam2 kira duit hari2? Dah ada pecacai kat tingkat 4 tu, suruhlah diaorang buat kerja! Apa! Ye ke! Ooooo... diorang pun sibuk kira duit? Hmmmm....

azisirikit said...

No need to blog lah.... he old man already. Going to die soon. Don't waste time la. Where got time for him! He talk also always wrong wan. Some more want to blog aaa? He will kena hantam left right centre wan! Where he got balls!

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