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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RPK challenged by Saiful's uncle/auntie?! Drama...

The leaked medical reports prove (beyond a doubt) that there is a conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim.

10 years back people would have been at odds with the idea that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent but in 2008, things are different. The general public believe that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent and this is all a political ploy to stop him from being the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a desperate ploy involving the very people we entrust to up-hold law and order. Striking a death blow to the Abdullah Badawi's administration. An administration which secretly have been tugging at the ropes of the Police force and the Judiciary all this while. Using these bodies form their own devices.

But times have caught up with them and they will have to pay the price in the courts of public opinion. The Police would have to own up and admit there is no case against Anwar Ibrahim. Those behind the plot must be brought to justice but as of now I believe none of them will be caught. They will deny and hide behind the administration of the day. Politicians in the ruling government seem to be immune to the law but I believe their days are numbered. When (not if) Anwar Ibrahim comes into power, all this will change and this is why in the months leading up to September 16, we will see drama unfold like never before.

Another drama, unfolding before our eyes is the challenge by Saiful's uncle/auntie to RPK. It's comical but then strange things have happened before. As reported by Malaysiakini, Uncle Pet (what's his real name?) has "asked" to meet up with RPK:

A close relative of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan echoed police sentiments today, rubbishing claims that his nephew had not been sodomised.

Source: Malaysiakini

I have to admit, Uncle Pet is very tech savvy; he's got the whole challenge on video which is available online. So while we all try to ascertain whether Uncle Pet is an uncle or should we called him/her Aunty Pet instead, I can imagine RPK laughing his head off at home. It's all drama, a true blue Malaysian drama to the max.

Yesterday, we had the Home Minister telling the police to speed up investigations. The Home Minister should keep his mouth shut because any statements from the establishment to the police would merely be seen as interference. Commenting on an ongoing investigation, especially by the government, should be seen as "abuse of power" and worthy of investigation by the ACA.

So clearly, the revelation brought about by the medical reports have started a new chapter in this on-going saga to bring down Anwar Ibrahim. Lets bring out the pop corn and see what else is in store.


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