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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Political Drama - Anwar to stand in Permatang Pauh.

A day after the Home Minister issue a statement asking the police to speed up their investigations, we hear today that the police have already concluded their investigation into the sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim. Such timing as Anwar Ibrahim has just announced his intention to stand for the Permatang Pauh by-election, which his wife has vacant for him.

Talk about timing. The BN government is moving fast to stop the juggernaut from moving forward with his plans to topple the government by September 16. Would Anwar Ibrahim even make it to the by-elections? Bear in mind the BN government would move everything in its arsenal against Anwar Ibrahim including the so called independent Election Commission.

The highly efficient police will take the first shot at him. They have submitted their investigation report to the AG Department and it is up to the AG department to see how to persecute. We all can fore-tell what it would be like. Anwar Ibrahim would be charge and blocked from standing for the by-election. Worst still, I hear ISA in the air. Why not? They can easily deem Anwar Ibrahim a threat to the nation and detain him under ISA. Keep him under wraps long enough until after the by-elections. They just need to play with time here.

So Anwar Ibrahim has pushed the BN government into a sort of frenzy. They need to block him without having to anger the rakyat but then we all expect them to pull a fast one and still keep us angry. Heck, the rakyat is already angry so what's wrong with more anger. I've got this snaky feeling, the BN government would not have any qualms in doing as they please. They don't care less, as long as they stay in power. The BN government just wants to stay in power even at the cost of angering the people.

Anwar Ibrahim has much to go against but in it will endear him to the rakyat. A lone man going against a stuttering government. We need heroes and I guess Anwar Ibrahim is turning into a folk hero.

Situations are getting similar to the Philippines when people power toppled the Marcus government. Could it happen here? Well, in Malaysia anything goes...Malaysia Boleh!


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