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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's all about the butt. Nothing new in Malaysia

You have close to 30,000 people who turn up on their own, paid fuel-money to the event, bought some nice t-shirts and all we remember is a guy who apparently allowed his butt to be the centre-piece of his performance.

Ok, Najib called it an unsuccessful event because it did not reach the 1 Million mark but then for 30,000 people to turn up without being paid (unlike most UMNO rallies) is in itself a great accomplishment. Most rallies by the establishment would have busloads of civil servants shuttled away from their workplace for a day of "support showing". It looks good on the news, the support of the people is behind state sponsored rallies. But in PROTES we have a rally attended by everyday Malaysians who just want to show their sincere support. How can that be a failure? So Najib better be careful in calling something a failure or success. He wasn't even at the rally so can he honestly deemed something a success or failure?

Anyway, back to the butt issue. The lead singer apologized as reported by Malaysiakini:

"Saya tidak sedar, saya tengah asyik (feel) dengan lagu," jelasnya.

"Saya sebenarnya tidak melondehkan seluar seperti yang ditulis oleh beberapa media hari ini."

Ketika membuat persembahan itu, tambah Alak, beliau tidak berniat menimbulkan ketidakpuasan hati penonton.

Sehubungan itu, beliau meminta maaf sekiranya tindakannnya itu menimbulkan kemarahan penonton.

"Saya minta maaf kalau buat penonton marah. Bukan niat saya untuk membuatkan orang marah," katanya.

"Mungkin kami salah khalayak."

Source: Malaysiakini

So apology aside, let's look at what PROTES has accomplished and not some guys butt.

PROTES has shown that ordinary Malaysians can come together base on an issue that affects them. They can gather peacefully though throwing bricks or water bottles at someone's butt could be term "violent", depends how media paints it. The PAKATAN RAKYAT MPs came out in force to state their claim in the Malaysian political arena. Anwar even said he can bring down the fuel price, which I think he can at the expense of other stuff like government projects for BN cronies. But would Anwar make a good PM? Issues aside, things have been getting really personal for Anwar lately and all this "we will change government" stuff seems to be more of a personal vendetta rather than a "i'll do it for the rakyat" cause. It's beginning to pan out as an Anwar fight and not the rakyat's fight. His fight against the sodomy charges may in fact derailed his rise to becoming the next PM.

The rear end of things seem to be making the news nowadays in Malaysia.

This state of rear-end-fixation does not augur well for Malaysians. Take our MPs in parliament who tend to be on the rear end of things in the first place. Do they make decision base on what the rakyat want or do they merely wag their approval at anything that comes from the top executives? So are our MPs merely holders of rubber stamps, who make up the numbers to endorse decisions rather than being the initiators of requests by the rakyat?

If the rakyat wants the fuel price to come down, will the cabinet seriously look at this request or will we be thrown facts and figures telling us it would be bad for the country? But isn't the country made up of the rakyat who are now suffering?

So now, the rakyat is also at the rear end of things.

Seriously, I think everyone's at the rear end of someone else so who's taking the lead? Who's leading the way for Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

There may be 30000 people in attendance but more than a million sms's and checking the speaches and they watched. Numbers dont count anymore, BN's days are at numbers. They should count the days to Sept 16th left. Let the countdown begin. Cheers.

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