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Monday, July 28, 2008

On UMNO and PAS - Jilted lovers meeting again - MalaysiaKini

Strange times call for strange measures and much can be said of talks between UMNO and PAS. I can understand Karpal Singh's reservations on the matter when he voice our his thoughts in Malaysiakini.

"Selepas pilihanraya umum pada 8 Mac lalu, PAS telah mengadakan perbincangan dengan Umno untuk menubuhkan kerajaan campuran di Selangor," katanya yang menyifatkan tindakan itu berniat jahat kerana DAP dan PKR tidak dimaklumkan mengenainya.

Source: Malaysiakini

It has not been the first time that these two (2) political adversaries have met and attempted at a marriage of convenience. UMNO and PAS seem to thrive well in this love and hate situation where they now are entertaining thoughts of a nuptial to tie all Malays under a single political entity. But would it work?

I don't think so and I have to agree with Karpal Singh on his assessment of the situation. It is a direct treat towards DAP and PKR because the resounding victory in the last general election was not just a PAS victory but a shared victory with DAP and PKR delivering the goods too. PAS seems to be acting like a pompous brat because they know they have something the UMNO wants and craves - more Malay votes.

Isn't it what UMNO wants? UMNO wants to be supreme leader over all Malays in the country and UMNO is willing to pull any stunts just to gain that edge over the Malays, even to the extent of sleeping with the enemy. PAS tends to lose big time if they are thinking of aligning with UMNO.

It would seem right that DAP and PKR distance themselves from PAS as they inch themselves towards UMNO. The people would not be happy with PAS for this silly move. Angering the people is not the best thing to do, especially in these times when anything UMNO is deemed questionable. It's amazing that PAS may not see this latest need to talk by UMNO is merely a political ploy to strengthen UMNO's hold on the Malay vote and thus, assure that they remain in power. PAS should stand on its own as an alternative to UMNO and show it is friendly to all - Malays and Non-Malays.

So PAS, stay away from UMNO because the result would only be bad. Don't you think so?


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