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Monday, July 7, 2008

Anwar has thrown the challenge, is Pak Lah's government man enough to take it?

War in the old days was so much civilized. A king would send an emissary to announce his intention to another king and they would decide where to meet to wage war. Terms and conditions would be set and the battle would commence. So civilized and only the armies were involve. Civilians merely stayed indoors and waited for the outcome.

Today, things are different. When two warring parties get into a tussle, it is often the civilians who take the brunt of the blows. "Collateral Damage" has been a by-word for killing innocent civilians.

Anwar has thrown the challenge would Pak Lah's government take it? Or will we see dismissals in the MSM?

Malaysiakini reported what Anwar had to say at the Protest Rally:

"Saya mencabar mereka memberikan bukti-bukti sebelum menuduh dan mengaitkan saya," katanya dalam cermah kepada kira-kira 25,000 di Stadium Kelana Jaya, di Petaling jaya malam ini.

"Saya sedia menerima apa sahaja hukuman jika dibuat mengikut undang-undang yang adil.

"Saya akan tunduk jika mereka boleh memberikan bukti tuduhan terhadap saya.

"Jika mahu saya bersumpah dengan nama Allah, Insya-Allah saya akan lakukan," katanya diikuti tepukan gemuruh para hadirin.

Source: Malaysiakini

The rakyat have spoken, numbers aside, it still the voice of the rakyat and the government should take heed. Every small voice counts because it is with the will of the rakyat, governments are installed. Thus, it is to the rakyat the government must seek approval not the other way round.

It would not amaze me if the government of the day would play down all that happened during the weekend. Instead, BN would politicize the matter and make it out as a "them against us" fiasco. The very people who say, don't politicize things would be the ones to politicize things. And at the end of the day, the voice of the rakyat would be ignored.

The rakyat is saying (if the BN government has ears to hear) the fuel hike hurts us, the flip-flopping indecisiveness of the administration hurts us, the blatant abuse of power by the police and courts hurts us, corrupted leaders hurts us and smoke-screen scandals hurts us.

Pak Lah's government should take up the challenge for open debates with Anwar and let the people judge. The BN government should not hide behind press statements and skewed media coverage. Instead, take the fight into the open and let's see who is man enough to lead this country. The rakyat is looking for leaders who would lead, fight the fight and prove to us that our vote was meaningful.


crower said...

1. The General Election has passed.

2. The Rakyat have spoken, the Rakyat have chosen.

3. Some Rakyat in some States want the Pakatan to rule, some want BN to rule.

4. Federal Government wise, the Rakyat have made the choice, they want BN to rule.

5. Yet DSAI have been chanting "will form a new Government soon with crossovers from BN".

6. DSAI have also been meeting with BN members secretly to lure them. (Refer to Yong Teck Li's admission in meeting DSAI)

7. DSAI is the bigger culprit here, trying to undone what the Rakyat have chosen. Trying to defeat the pillars "democracy". To me, that is not "Keadilan".

8. He started out chanting 18 BN members will jump ship.

9. Upon the liwat case being made against him, the number dropped to 4. "It so happened" that DSAI "supposedly" had wanted to announce it on the same day but had to cancel it. Why ? If there ever was a time to show support to DSAI in his trying times, the time to announce the crossover would be now. Why the need to delay ?

10. DSAI teamed up with flip flop Magnum P.I during the disclosure of Magnum's 1st S.D.

11. If DSAI had even bothered to study Magnum's credibility as a witness in the Altantuya murder trial, DSAI would not have teamed up with Magnum as Magnum had always been giving flip flop testimony upon being grilled by Tun Majid.

12. Wan Azizah said the Judiciary and Police cannot be trusted. But it was the Judiciary who set DSAI free.

13. DSAI screaming to the world that his life is in danger. If one had wanted him to be dead, the executioner could have done his job any time in broad daylight a long time ago. There need not be the 1st sodomy charges anyway.

kiddokit said...

You are speaking and writing with your blinkers on, crower.

With ref to point 12. It is your narrow interpretation that just because the Judiciary quashed his sex charges -- begrudgingly, might I add -- thus, they are impartial. Than's only a small drop in the ocean of cases that should have gone the rakyat's way, but was instead VKLingam-ed away. How do you account for the conduct of Augustine Paul during the trial? How do you account for the decisions made by the judges to not allow Anwar to sue Mahathir?

Also refer to point 13. When Wan Azizah claimed her husband's life is in danger, she validated that claim by refering to 1998 when Anwar was taken away by the police, beaten, left bloodied on the floor the whole night till morning, and fortunately survived the ordeal. What if now, in 2008, the police made sure he does not survive? Afterall, we know there have been numerous cases of detainees beaten up in the cell (some even died!) and then stories were spun to the families. Up till now, who killled Francis Udayappan??? In my opinion, Anwar did not do wrong to have seeked help by entering the Turkish embassy. The world had to be alerted to the possible danger to his life.

So, please take off your anti-Anwar blinkers and see for yourself the true Malaysia.

crower said...


1. I've the right to comment as I please and I'll comment by the way I look at things.

2. What's important to me are items 1-9 of my 1st comment. That is a fact.

3. Who killed Udayappan ? I don't know, but whoever did it should be punished the same way.

4. I can't take off my anti-anwar blinkers as much as I can't take off my anti Pak Lah blinkers as well. Anwar's the De Facto Leader of Keadilan, but his actions sadly do not reflect the name of the party.

5. The people have chosen their leaders. So accept it. If BN is really on the verge of decapitating itself by the sleeping PM, then let it be. Let BN make mistakes after mistakes. Use them as an ammunition for the NEXT G.E and form the Government the proper way, by being elected by the rakyat and not by accepting potential crossovers.

6. Accepting "crossovers" as your ally will be the same as accepting Bala @ Magnum P.I as your friend. First he order Roti Canai, when the the Rotai Canai comes he'll say "Dey, I ordered Tosei".

Anonymous said...

crower the umno-trooper, regarding the general election, you said the rakyat have spoken, but I say the BN have deceived the rakyat by lying about the indelible ink.

Anonymous said...


Wow! Which planet are from you from? Bizarre; SOME rakyat has chosen Nazi Umno/BN to rule in an ever corrupted-infested scam of an election; it's ok with you hem? By the way, Some rakyat don't represent all rakyat, ok? So all the "evilness' that most rakyat, except the super-rich cronies, have been subjected to by those Umno/BN greedy and fascist scumbags, UNJUSTLY, does not mean anything to you is it? I've no more time for diplomacy for Nazi rule! That even murdered and raped women and girls, these sick state agents are actually barbarians; remember Altantuya and the young girl at the police station (what happen to her case anyway; being silenced of course!) Or the men who were forced to perform oral sex in the police station! That's the police in Malaysia for you; many are barbarians - the product of Umno/BN Nazi rule! And then dare to lecture us what good Muslims they're, those Umno goons! And yet I've met many non-believers who have the purest hearts and are true civilized people!

Noor Aza Othman.

kiddokit said...

Yo crower!

I did understand some of your other points which were based on clear facts, but some other points specifically Points 7 and 9 were arguable and subject to personal view points. In any case, I'll not comment on them save for what I had done earlier with Points 12 and 13.

Now, you have replied with more numbered remarks (feels like I'm back in school!) and I must call you up for Point 5.

I don't deny the BN Govt may be committing political suicide and the next election may see them booted out, but that's a HUGE probability with high risk. It is already clear to the rakyat the BN plays dirty and will indulge in them to the hilt to retain power. I'm not just talking about the latest mee soto issue, but annoying acts like witholding tourism money, cancelling projects, throwing the spanner into the good work of the PR State Govts, electing their own Ketua Kampung, "desperate housewives" siphoning money away, and many more than I care to remember.

And all this is before the next elections. Imagine how it would be when elections arrive at our doorsteps -- Najib (presumably as the PM) will ass-f**k whoever stands in his way of retaining that exalted position. Against this backdrop, how could anyone be so naive to believe PR stands an honest and clean chance at the ballot box? How could you be so naive, crower? No, I've mentioned before in other blog sites -- -- over Malaysians' dead bodies before we allow a killer cum adulterer to become the PM of Malaysia!

So, it's come to this then. Anwar sees a chance, he will use it and I do hope he succeeds in wresting control. Think of this as corporate boardroom manouvre. I certainly think there is nothing wrong with this type of tactics, politically motivated or otherwise.

crower said...


1. The way I write with numbered remarks is my style and I believe to each his own.

2. If the present government wants to play dirty, I doubt Kelantan would have stayed with PAS over 10 years. I don't think Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Fed Territory would have fallen from their grasps either.

3. Politics and running a company are different matters altogether.

4. The people have chosen. That is democracy. Period.

kiddokit said...

Very simplistic answers to delicately volatile complex situations in Malaysia.

Are you one of Badawi's 4th. Floor advisors?

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