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Thursday, July 17, 2008

As stupid as it gets, Najib in trouble - Malaysiakini

RPK has been arrested for his statutory declaration on the involvement of Najib Razak’s wife in the Altantuya murder. Taking this matter to court would be interesting, since we can finally see the evidence RPK has on Rosmah Mansur. RPK would have the perfect stage to bring out all evidence he says he has into the light of day because the evidence is the basis of his statutory declaration and an eager public awaits.

This would be a double whammy for the BN government. Regardless of whether RPK is proven guilty or innocent, Najib has a hard task ahead of him once he assumes the premiership. His reputation would have been stained and his every move scrutinized. Furthermore, in two (2) years time; Najib may be inheriting a broken government which has lost the confidence of the people and Najib may be the prime minister in which BN loses the general election. 13 may be Abdullah Badawi’s favorite number but it may spell doom for Najib.

Penulis blog terkenal Raja Petra Kamarudin ditahan hari ini dan didakwa di mahkamah atas tuduhan memfitnah isteri timbalan perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, dan dua orang lagi.

Beliau didakwa mengikut Seksyen 500 Kanun Keseksaan di Mahkamah Majistret Kuala Lumpur.

Raja Petra bagaimanapun enggan membuat sebarang pengakuan sama ada 'bersalah' atau 'tidak bersalah' terhadap tuduhan tersebut.

Beliau berkata berulangkali bahawa beliau enggan berbuat demikian kerana mendakwa tuduhan tersebut mengandungi kecacatan dan berniat jahat.

Pihak pendakwaraya bagaimanapun menganggapnya sebagai pengakuan 'tidak bersalah' dan memohon Majistret Nazran Mohd Sham membenarkan ikatjamin sebanyak RM10,000.

Source: Malaysiakini

RPK has been charge and is ready to take on the government. Somehow I believe, RPK had foreseen this all along. I think RPK was laying the stage for his confrontation with Najib Razak and the government at large. The Altantuya case was headed for obscurity, when RPK delivered his first salvo, that made him the first Malaysian blogger in prison and force Najib into the radar for his perceived direct involvement with the murdered Mongolian. This was followed by RPK 2nd shot in the form of a SD which pointed the finger at Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansur and two (2) others; who RPK say was with the Mongolian when she murdered. The police conducted their investigation and (it was no surprise) the messenger got arrested but I figure RPK was counting on this. It would pave his way to stand in court and prove his case. This is where I believe, Najib and Rosmah may have dug their own grave.

For starters, Najib or Rosmah or both of them, may be called to give testimony in a court of law. Najib’s name was mentioned at the onset of the murder trial but he managed to evade investigation via a clever statement by the judge that only the three (3) accused were involved in the murder. This excluded Najib from any form of investigation. RPK’s day in court may finally drag Najib into the very thing he was attempting to avoid and under pressure Najib seems to say things detrimental to himself. Najib’s attempt at telling the public he did not know Saiful comes to mind. First he said he did not know the lad and then says he did meet with Saiful days before Saiful made the report at his residence. Would Najib finally admit he does know Altantuya?

Secondly, RPK would be able to drag in others mentioned in his SD namely Khairy and Abdullah Badawi into the court room. Though the father and son-in-law duo have flatly denied any involvement in the sordid affair but by right they to have to be investigated. To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are clean. In fact, RPK could raise enough questions as to the role of the government in covering up Altantuya’s murderers. The deletion of immigration records and the readily available use of military C4 comes to mind.

So, RPK has managed to bring the government into the very stage he wanted them to be - the court of law. The courts are under immense scrutiny not only in RPK’s case but also in Anwar Ibrahim’s (recycled) sodomy charge.

The irony of all this, RPK and Anwar may be harassed and persecuted by the BN government but having the spotlight on these two (2) men only turns the spotlight on Najib Razak since he has some measure of involvement in both cases against the two men. It is Najib Razak who has to look over his shoulder, wondering when someone else is waiting to turn the key to the closet where old skeletons lie in waiting. In reality, putting RPK into a court of law may have just cancelled out Najib Razak’s credibility as the coming leader for Malaysia.

When writing the above RPK was still under arrest yet now the charges against him has been drop because they were incomplete. The AG now has to draw up another charge against him. Pure coincidence or did they realized what I stated above?


Antares said...

No matter what ludicrous and laughable contortions the dying BN subjects itself to, one thing is clear: not a single BN leader has enough credibility to even be counted on to tell the time of day. For all his genteel posturings, Abdullah is just as tainted as the rest - however, he happens to be a great deal less obnoxious and repugnant than others in his cabinet, like Najib Razak, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Nazri Aziz, and Syed Hamid Albar. The man in the hottest seat is certainly Najib son of Razak - not only does he have the spectre of Altantuya hanging over his future, he is also saddled with a wife nobpdy respects, and a lineage closely associated with martial law.

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