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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who is the next Prime Minister? | Malaysiakini

A transition of power from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak means nothing.

In fact it may just compound the issues plaguing the government at this time. This shift from Prime Minister to Deputy Prime Minister has no effect on policies or governance. It’s just a changing of the guard. The issues will remain and things will be left as they were from the onset.

Najib stands to inherit the same problematic government that Abdullah Badawi created. If there were no change in management styles when Najib is DPM then would there be any change when he is PM? I doubt it. The government is still made up of the same political players from Tun Mahathir’s era, maybe there are some new faces but the mangement style is still the same.

So it makes no difference if Najib or Abdullah Badawi is in office. The people will still be angry, corruption would still be rising, Malaysia would still be heading for an economic headache and let’s not forget the political shenanigans going around. Malaysia would still be caught up in the same old rut. No change.

What is needed is for a total change in top leadership. We need someone who is not afraid to go against old taboos. We need someone who would talk less, listen more and move as he pleases. We need someone who is far-sighted and not merely acting on impulsive-reactive-energy.

Do we have such a person in the current cabinet lineup?

Whoever it is must not come from the UMNO bastion. They’ve had their chance yet screwed it big time. I have great admiration for Tun Mahathir, though I hated some of his policies and methods, he still moved this country forward. Yet after he stepped down and passed the baton to his deputy, things just went down-hill. Obviously, the baton holder was not competent to follow in the foot-steps of Tun Mahathir. In fact no-one in the current parliament can.

No need to follow just imitate would also suffice but even that is found wanting. Instead, we find people merely paying lip service to those in the higher rung of things. No-one dare challenge the establishment outside of the opposition. No-one even dared voice strong statements against the whole idea of a two-year dead-line for passing on the baton. Except maybe from those who have vested interest in becoming the next Prime Minister.

It would be interesting, come September 16th to see if the transition from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak would happen or not. It would be really interesting to see if UMNO could accept the fact, it has a strong chance of being called the Opposition in a government ruled by Pakatan Rakyat. It would be an interesting scene and one I personally relish. I would love to see what the leader of UMNO would do in order to win back the government it has held for the pass 50 years. But who would be the champion to bring UMNO back into the lime-light? Abdullah Badawi or Najib Razak?

Back to the point of this post.

This transition of power means nothing. It doesn’t change anything. In fact I think it would worsen the situation in Malaysia. If (that’s a big IF) Najib becomes Prime Minister, he may prove to be a weak PM as evident with the way he handled his suspect involvement in the Altantuya case and also involvement with Saiful (Anwar accuser).

If Najib has nothing to hide than why not allow himself to be investigated and have the courts prove him innocent? He should have done this early on. Now, with the whole transition thing in place, Najib is hard-press to prove himself worthy to assume the premiership. So he has to work doubly hard at keeping his distractors at bay. Tough luck, when you have a lot of skeletons to hide.

Najib maybe just a scapegoat for Abdullah to hang. A fall-guy for the real person whom Abdullah may want to see as the next Prime Minister. Najib will become the PM and the people would revolt, Abdullah would admit it was a mistake, take over and than announce another person whom he deemed suitable for the post of PM. A certain someone whose ambition is to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia…

Thus, the passing on of the baton from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak means nothing but merely as an exercise in passing the buck to the lame duck, who is gullible enough to take more blame and pave the way for the real puppet master, lurking in the background of all this. No harm in guessing but I think you guys know who that person is.


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