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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leaping Politicians - it's the norm not the exception

A lot has been said about leaping politicians or to put it crudely - frogs; in the parliament. As the 16th of September draws near, suspicion clouds the August house as MPs eye each other wondering who would jump ship first. It is amazing that Anwar Ibrahim has been able to do what no other man has been able to do in the 51 years Malaysia has been independent - hold the nation hostage.

Anwar Ibrahim is holding the government hostage and whether they want to acknowledge it or not, Anwar is in-directly controlling their every move. He has the Barisan Nasional running scared as evident in the need for BN MPs to sign a letter pledging their support for Abdullah Badawi, a pledge the Sabah MPs are unwilling to sign.

Shouldn't the MPs loyalty be towards the people that voted him and not to a singular person (the PM)? Why sign a pledge unless you are really scared of loosing these MPs to the Pakatan Rakyat side. Aren't the MPs in the August house matured enough to make their own minds who they want to support for the good of their voters?

Yes, Anwar Ibrahim has the BN running scared and holding hostage the whole government. The BN government is reacting to Anwar Ibrahim's every move, something which will spell doom for them for Anwar can easily maneuver them which ever way he wants to.

As for leaping politicians, it's the norm and not the exception. A politician would always chose the path of least resistance so where he stands clearly is up to him. If BN MPs leap over to the Pakatan Rakyat side than by right they can also leap back if they wanted to. Can we ever stop one from leaping? For the BN to say that all this is unethical then BN should also look at their checkered past where they too have accommodated politicians who leaped from the opposition into their camp and they was not much furore over that. Only when it would hurt BN, would BN erupt into an emotional fit. Desperately trying hard to protect their interests.

Let the politicians leap, let them join whoever they want. It is time for the MPs to be loyal to their real masters. The real masters of the MPs are the people and the people are suffering under the mis-management of the BN government. Eliminate race politics and parties and allow the MPs to affiliate themselves with whatever entity that promotes a one Malaysia.

You see, regardless of whoever becomes government, development will still be given out. It is a given. But the sense of fairness, equality and needs met has to be earn and this cannot be bought with sweets in the form of a "friendly" budget. People need to see leadership in practice not mere promises and sleepy reactions.

So let the politicians leap as much as they want because all this while that's what the politicians been doing. Leaping about gathering personal wealth at the expense of the people who voted them in.


Anonymous said...

well said.

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