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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim for Prime Minister

Malaysiakini has reported that Anwar Ibrahim has thrown down a time frame for him to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Is this something that we all want? Would that really be good for Malaysia?

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today confidently predicted he would be prime minister within three years, sketching out the first rough timetable for his dramatic political comeback.

Source: Malaysiakini
Given the circumstances, I think Anwar Ibrahim could be the next PM.

For starters, Anwar is shrewd. By making this announcement now he has decisively pushed Abdullah Badawi into the corner. Three years time is just in time for the 13th General Election and 13 could be the unlucky number for UMNO and BN. If BN loses big during the 13GE then Abdullah's Badawi is totally responsible for the failure - provided he is still PM and that is the catch.

With this announcement, what would Pak Lah do? Would he upgrade Najib before December or would he hold on to power and hopefully gain enough steam to prove Anwar wrong? I am sure his 4th floor boys are crunching the numbers as we speak. Of course, if Pak Lah upgrades Najib then it would be Najib who would have to deal with the Anwar-headache. Come 13thGE, if BN fails then it would be on Najib's head.

I would say Pak Lah would dismiss this announcement by Anwar and the MSM would get comments from pro-BN people to say that Anwar has lost his rocker. They would play it down and dismiss it as merely someone speaking rubbish. But the people would have picked up the message that Anwar is sending.

Anwar is not addressing the limping BN government, Anwar is sending this message to the rakyat. He telling them that they were able to do it on March 8th they can do it again come 3 years time. In fact, they can start doing it now.

This announcement is a signal for the rakyat to start making waves and the rakyat will reply in kind.

So here's another poll for everyone. Would you like to see Anwar Ibrahim as PM of Malaysia in 3 years time? You can vote on the right hand side of this blog.



Anonymous said...

real postive thinking, Anwar Ibrahim. He dares to dream haha

Anonymous said...

I have asked you several times before and I am asking you again.I am still waiting for your answer.
Did you or did you not tell the all the Chinese to go back to China if they like and what would happen to Malaysia without the Chinese.
Why you did not advocate for the abolishment of the N.E.P.during your time as deputy P.M.? You can give us your honest answers now that the election is over-not your election yet.

Anonymous said...

Can you add one more item for voting.

Do you want Anwar to be PM now or ASAP?

I don't want to wait 3 years. The sooner Anwar becomes PM the better.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tells us what was anwar view on the malaysian malaysia concept when he was the high riding DPM

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