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Friday, April 11, 2008

Malaysia crashed and burnt - who's picking up the pieces?

The reports from Malaysiakini clearly paint a different picture than what we hear from the main stream media. It is a sham that the MSM is hiding the true situation from the public that voted the BN into power.

Malaysiakini reports show that several UMNO divisions are mooting the idea the Pak Lah step down and allow someone else to take the helm. Johor and Kedah has voiced their stand. Both seemed to want Najib Tun Razak to take over the helm.

The pressure on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went up another notch today with Kedah Umno leaders criticising his stewardship.

Source: Malaysiakini

Najib did not get the votes of the readers here when I conducted a poll to see if he was someone we all could see as PM of Malaysia. A resounding "NO" from the readers of MalaysianSentinel shows that even Najib would have a tough time if he was to be PM. Remember the Altantuya case is still unresolve and his name is connected to that case.

Many on Malaysiakini seem to want Pak Lah to leave but if he does who then is the most suitable candidate to rake over? Leave your comments if you feel you know someone who could take the helm.

Another thing that you may notice is the amount of mis-information the is going around and all of it seems to be coming from the BN camp. A week ago Pak Lah in a rather odd gathering (the 1,000 not really 1,000 crowd) mentioned that saboteurs were the reason UMNO lost.

Today we hear that bad choice of candidate was to blame for BN's lost. UMNO being the largest contributor of candidates must have had a mega-saboteur at the head since obviously they fielded the wrong candidates.
Umno made the mistake in selecting wrong candidates for the general election and that had caused the humiliating defeat for the party.

This hard-hitting verdict was delivered by Umno divisional leaders in Kedah to party deputy president Najib Abdul Razak in a meeting today.

Source: Malaysiakini
But BN should admit that they got really cocky during the 12th GE. That cockiness was permitted to run for 4 years and the people punished them and now BN seems to be going at each other's throat.

Watch the statements from Pak Lah and Najib in the next few days. Pak Lah is dishing promises to "win" over the people while Najib seems to be listening to what his party members are saying. Everyone is focus on replacing the PM and his number is up but he seems to be the last person to notice anything.

And while all this is happening, our economy may be heading to the rut...again. In 1997, Tun Mahathir managed to pull Malaysia out of it but Malaysia took blows that remain till today. America is in a recession and Asia will feel the effects of that.

With our political scene in a state of mis-managed chaos, would we survive the next global economic downturn?


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